Amazon Shoppers Say Their Fragile Nails Love These Glass Nail Files for Preventing Chips

The Best Nail File for Weak, Brittle Nails Is Made of Glass

More than 1,700 five-star reviews agree. 
By Ariel Scotti
May 11, 2021 @ 8:00 pm
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I've had weak, brittle nails that chip and snag easily for as long as I've been aware of my nails. It can't be for a lack of calcium, since cheese is my primary food group, and I regularly take biotin supplements for hair, skin, and nail strength. Having peeling, split nails that can't grow past a certain point is a frustration that some of us just have to deal with. It can mean not getting that engagement manicure we've always dreamed of (just me?). But people who share my pain seem to have found a solution in the ClassyLady Glass Nail File, which many reviewers have dubbed the best nail file for chipping and peeling nails.

Shoppers on Amazon are blown away by the unique design of this glass nail file that's able to seal together the layers of keratin at the tips of their fingernails where breakage and splintering usually happens. By filing with glass, their nails are left smooth, without any jagged edges or frayed layers. According to the brand, regular, long-term use can "strengthen and harden natural nails, allowing you to grow long, healthy, and beautiful nails." And more than 1,700 five-star reviewers agree - one even says, "I will never buy another kind of file again!" 

ClassyLady Glass Nail Files Crystal Nail File
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Another shopper says that they started using the ClassyLady nail file after researching how to help their ridged, splitting, cracking nails and reading up on crystal files. "I read that if your nails are fragile, a crystal nail file is much gentler on them," they write. "I am totally amazed at how easy it is to file my nails now, and how smooth it leaves the edges of my nails, especially compared to what it was like when I used my old metal nail file." 

The highly rated nail file is also loved for how easy it is to clean - all you have to do is rinse it under running water, according to the brand. And yes, you should be cleaning your nail file, whether it's glass or metal (you can toss those disposable emery boards, though).

"My new crystal nail file is so easy to clean, which is something I never even thought to do with any of my old metal files, but it makes sense that a nail file should be cleaned, even if you're the only one using it," the same reviewer writes. "I'm taking very good care of my new nail file in hopes of using it for many years to come!" A third shopper shares that even after using - and washing - the file for months, it "still works great and is in good condition." 

The glass file comes in two ombre-style colorways: one with a black tip that bleeds into purple and lavender, and another that transforms from yellow, to orange, to hot pink. It comes with a carrying case for filing on the go, and with an $8 price point, it's easy to keep one in your purse, another at your office desk, and a third in your bathroom. 

Head to Amazon to order the ClassyLady Glass Nail File - a worthy little investment that future you will be thankful for when you go get your first mani of summer 2021