Cindy Crawford
Cindy Crawford
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Cindy Crawford Uses This Under-$40 Soap for Exfoliating Her Supermodel Skin

It’s the body wash my husband and I both agree on.”

When one of the world's biggest names in fashion dishes on the skincare and beauty products she trusts as part of her daily routine, it's definitely worth taking notes. In a recent interview, Cindy Crawford (you know, the supermodel) revealed the items she's been turning to when taking a shower. Previously professing her love for a popular SPF-infused skin tint, Crawford has now shared what she uses for exfoliation.

Speaking with NewBeauty, the superstar explained that as she's aged, her routine has gradually changed. Once clueless about skincare and makeup, as her mother never used much in the way of products, Crawford now prefers to "keep it simple."

"I'm a big believer in exfoliating my body, and I have more than one way to do it," she shared. According to Crawford, she lathers up this Elemis Body Detox Skin Brush with Dermalogica's Conditioning Body Wash. Crawford said she prefers the Dermalogica soap "most of the time," explaining, "It's the body wash my husband and I both agree on."

conditioning body wash
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Made with tea tree and lemon oils, as well as vitamin B5, the soap is a favorite among shoppers, especially those who have sensitive skin. Its inclusion of orange peel oil promotes brighter skin and eucalyptus and rosemary are included to refresh dull skin. "It leaves your skin feeling marvelous," wrote one Dermalogica reviewer. Another shared that it "lathered well and made my skin feel really fresh."

"The smell and quality of the body wash [are] the best I've tried. I have sensitive skin and it rejuvenates me every morning," an Ulta shopper said. Another Deramlogica reviewer with sensitive skin agreed, writing, "I have used this product for years. It is extremely gentle, efficient, has a nice scent, and is cost-effective. You need very little for a full body wash. I highly recommend it."

The under-$40 soap is Crawford's go-to, but like everyone else, she confirmed that she occasionally turns to an ordinary bar of soap. Supermodels, they really are just like us. 

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