If You Need a Spark of Joy, Christopher John Rogers and MAC Will Give You Just That

Happiness, optimism, bliss — remember those feelings?

Christopher John Rogers Show x MAC
Photo: Marcelo Gutierrez

In a world that seems to be plagued with a never-ending cycle of tragic news and subsequent grief, we need more people like Christopher John Rogers making headlines.

The designer — who has dressed everyone from Tracee Ellis Ross to Kerry Washington and Zendaya — has long used bright colors, vibrant patterns, and structural designs to give you a blissful, otherworldly experience through his clothes. And his latest collection is no exception.

"We always tend to veer more optimistic than not," he shares with InStyle. And in 2020, having optimism has never been so vital.

That's why it made perfect sense for Rogers to team up with MAC Cosmetics, a brand that has long stood on the right side of history, yet again to create his spring/summer 2021 lookbook.

Christopher John Rogers
Emmanuel Monsalve

Makeup artist Marcelo Gutierrez crafted the general look for this season's collection, but like in past shows, wasn't interested in sticking to one uniform finish for all of the models.

"We try to create a range that feels like it captures an essence," Gutierrez shares. "Day of, we always make sure that the look fits that model and that outfit. It comes down to the personality of the model."

To even out complexion, Gutierrez opted for MAC's Fix Conceal and Correct Palette, which comes in six varieties, followed by Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation.

For eyes, the artist used the Powder Kiss Soft Matte Eye in various shades to give each model her own unique look. He finished off with different shades of Powder Kiss Liquid Lipcolour to create some colorful, some two-toned, and some neutral lips.

Of course, we can't forget the stunning hairstyles created by the brilliant Naeemah Lafond for Amika.

Christopher John Rogers
Emmanuel Monsalve

All together, the makeup variety paired with the current collection, created a joyful, timeless look.

"We want people to feel like they can be happy in this moment; they can express themselves with fashion, with makeup, with beauty," says Rogers, adding that while this message applies to everyone, there are specific people who need to be especially mindful of prioritizing joy right now. "Continue to take up space in a world where certain people are told we're not supposed to be here."

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Perhaps part of being able to find happiness in this moment comes down to changing the way we look at fashion and beauty — and who's allowed to enjoy it.

"Joy and glamour are both so necessary," Gutierrez exclaims. "Glamour, not necessarily so tied to capitalism, but glamour as an essence of being. We want to celebrate the joy of life."

There's no doubt the pair did just that.

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