You'll Never Guess How Christina Hendricks Gets Her Red Hair

Hint: Quarantine won't crimp her style one bit.

Christina Hendricks
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As a seasoned actress, Christina Hendricks has access to some of the world's best beauty experts. But that doesn't mean she's above a good DIY treatment, be it dabbing blush on her cheeks before going out or coloring her hair at home. As the subject of our latest Beauty Talk column, the star chatted with us about maintaining her signature red locks, using sunscreen daily, and taking a bath every morning (yes, really, every morning) — keep reading for the scoop.

InStyle: Who was your beauty icon when you were growing up?

Christina Hendricks: Ginger from Gilligan's Island. I thought she was so glamorous with her red hair and dreamy sequined gowns. Everyone I admired as a kid — Lucille Ball, Ann-Margret, Daphne from Scooby Doo — was a redhead.

You've talked about how the character of Anne Shirley, from the children's book series Anne of Green Gables inspired you to go from blonde to bright auburn. When did you first color your hair?

I was around 10. My process has not changed, except that now I use a permanent color. I've had many amazing stylists dye it over the years, but I keep going back to the one shade that's perfect for me, and it's from a Clairol box. I buy a bunch of those at once and use one whenever I need it.

How does it feel now going back to your natural shade while playing Beth on the show Good Girls?

I'm in a wig. So I'm blonde all day long, and the red waits patiently underneath to come out at night.

Shooting a television series means working superlong days. How do you keep your energy up?

I pound water like you wouldn't believe. And I take green-tea pills to stay alert.

Christina Hendricks

And how do you relax?

I'm a bath person; I never shower. I don't like to have water pouring on my head. But because I bathe every morning, it's not this long, luxurious thing. I've timed it out so I know exactly how long the bathtub takes to fill at my house: nine minutes. That means I can go back to bed in the meantime. Then I get up, get in, and get the job done. But I want to quietly soak and allow myself to wake up very peacefully.

Let's talk about your skin-care lineup. Do you have certain nonnegotiable products?

I'm militant about wearing sunblock — or at the very least a tinted moisturizer with SPF. It's so ingrained in my regimen that it doesn't feel like an extra step. Since my mom had a skin-cancer scare when I was young, I listened very early on to the warnings of how important sun protection is. I was like, "OK, I'm in. That's an easy preventative thing I can do." Also, I won't leave the house without blush on. I'm so fair, a little color on my cheeks makes me look healthier and more awake.

You started your career as a model and then went into acting. Has working in such image-centric professions made you more self-conscious about your appearance?

It changes on a daily basis. It's hard to have scrutinizing eyes on you all the time, but I've learned to listen to myself. As I get older, I'm more confident because I know myself better than I ever have before. You have to remember that it's a big, wide world of people with a lot of opinions. Just ask yourself, "Do I feel good today? Do I feel true to myself?" That's all you can do.

Christina's Must-Haves

Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Rose

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Christina Hendricks

SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50

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Christina Hendricks

Clairol Nice'n Easy in 6R Light Auburn

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Christina Hendricks

Julie Hewett Peachie Cheekie Mini

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Christina Hendricks

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