Chrissy Teigen Voices Her Period Skin Woes, Is All of Us

Chrissy Teigen - Period Skin
Photo: NBC/Getty

Chrissy Teigen is every woman. She shares our affinity for Taco Bell, is on the same reality TV schedule as us, also hates the unicorn trend in the food world, and holds no reservations when it comes to any topic spanning from stretch marks to murder documentary recommendations on Netflix.

This time, she's getting real about the all-too-real struggle that is dealing with her skin during those certain 5 to 7 days every month. Stars—they're just like us, right?

Last night, Teigen posted a video to her Snapchat and Twitter accounts, showing her period breakouts in their full glory. We can certainly relate—hormone fluctuations before, during, and after our period never fail to trigger some monster-sized cystic breakouts. Sure, we could do what we can with a salicylic acid-based spot treatment, but that's only treating the surface of the skin. A product that contains lactic acid will penetrate the skin at a deeper level, where the infection actually lies. Our favorite formulas are Renee Rouleau's Anti-Cyst Treatment ($46;, which also treats surface breakouts, and Sunday Riley's Good Genes ($105;

And don't pick at the spot. It just isn't worth it. We learned the hard way.

Don't worry, Chrissy. This too shall pass. Hit us up if you want to discuss further skin remedies, or you know, the latest in the Brendan Dassey case.

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