So. Many. Choices. 

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I don't know about you, but shopping for shampoo really stresses me out. TBH, I really have to be in the mindset to conquer, just to step foot in the hair-care aisle at my Duane Reade. The whole experience is very overwhelming, and even though I know what kind of hair type I have, I never really know if the selection I've made will suit my hair until I've tried it. Not okay.

Finally, I said, "enough is enough" and I reached out to Steven DeCarlo and Judy McGuiness, Senior Stylists at Mizu New York for their advice. Because when in doubt, turn to a pro.

Fine Hair
Let's start with fine hair, because I have fine hair and I am a narcissist—at least I can admit it. DeCarlo explained to me that if one has fine hair, they should be picking up a volumizing shampoo since they are the lightest and build body by giving the cuticle lift and lightness. Judy added, "Straight, fine hair can look for more volumizing shampoos, especially if the hair tends to get oily." Another suggestion Judy gave me was to mix up shampoos and conditioners if you have an oily scalp but dry ends.

"Feel free to mix up shampoos and conditioners. Just because they're usually sold as a set doesn't mean you have to adhere to that. If you have an oily scalp but dry ends, get a clarifying or volume shampoo (so that you're cleansing where the oil is—at the scalp) and a moisture conditioner," she said.

And if your fine hair is color-treated, Judy suggests going with a lighter weight color-safe shampoo.

Color-Treated Hair

Steven says that if you dye your hair it is important—if not imperative—that you use a shampoo for hair that is color treated. Why? He notes that some shampoo and conditioners for color-treated hair have SPF in them to protect the hair from fading. #Noted.

If you are no stranger to bleach or if you have grey hair, purple shampoo (in moderation) is your friend. Steven tells me, "If your blonde or grey hair seems dull... or is turning yellow...purple shampoo can cancel out the yellow tones and restore the shine to your strands, bringing its vibrancy back. Same thing goes for grey."

What if your hair is flat and dull? "Pick up a shine shampoo! They add a lot of reflection to the hair," he says. Continuing, "If you have naturally dark hair, these formulations help give more reflection against light and sunlight, so your natural hair color will appear more vibrant." A simple rinse and possible repeat could have you living in a Pantene commercial? Sign me up.

Curly Hair

Curly girls, listen up! Judy gave me this little tip which will change your life. "If your curls are frizzy, and they get worse in the humidity, it's because they are literally reaching for the moisture." The solution? Pick a super moisturizing, and likely heavier formulation, to tame your curls and your frizz so that they have the bounce, definition, and shine you yearn for.

Don't worry... if you're scalp is dry and sensitized (think flaky, sore, etc.), we didn't forget about you! Judy suggests tea tree shampoos. "They'll soothe and exfoliate, helping to relieving and itchy, or flaky situation."

And you guys, just to make sure we were the most helpful... we made you a little infographic that will lead you to exactly the shampoo you should pick up, STAT. Check it out below.

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