'SNL' 's Chloe Fineman Once Got On a Boat, Then Cut Her Own Hair With a Razor Blade

Don't try this at home — or at sea.

Chloe Fineman
Chloe Fineman. Photo: Courtesy

While some people have celebrity crushes, I have aspirational celebrity BFFs. This is a person I'd want to grab a beer with, we'd make a few dumb decisions together, then we'd die laughing at it all a week later in the group chat. And the main person I have in mind is Chloe Fineman.

On-screen, the Saturday Night Life comedian impersonates celebrities like Timothée Chalamet, Megan Fox, Jennifer Coolidge, and even Elmo. Her delivery is quick, witty, and smart — and off-screen, her personality hardly differs.

One thing Fineman is serious about, though, is her hair — which makes total sense, seeing as she's Pantene's newest brand ambassador for the Daily Moisture Renewal Conditioner.

"It's 2022, you should be asking more from your conditioner!" Fineman shared in a statement. "I love having a conditioner that can keep up with my day — constantly changing styles, getting into different characters. I know my Pantene conditioner can keep up with whatever I throw at my hair."

And while the comedian admits her focus hasn't always necessarily been on having healthy strands, her hair journey has been, well, quite the journey.

"I'm the queen of 'Chloe put the scissors down," Fineman shares over Zoom. "When I was in college, I was on vacation on a tiny boat, I took scissors and a razor blade and I like cut off all my hair. I was like, 'I can do this!'"

This wouldn't be the first or last time Fineman made a chaotic hair choice. She shares she once got a pixie cut on a whim — just because she was tired and hungover. Then, during the pandemic, she accidentally dyed her hair orange. "There are [SNL] clips where you can see the bright orange hair — I couldn't hide it!"

But those days are long behind Fineman (at least for the most part). While on-set for SNL, she can simply choose from a bevy of wigs to perfect her many celebrity impressions.

"Miley was so fun [to portray] because of her mullet I want so bad," she says.

Now, she has her eyes set on Julia Fox, Jamie Lynn Spears, Kristen Stewart, and Nicholas Braun as Cousin Greg. "I'll get there," the comedian laughs.

Hair catastrophes and wigs aside, since joining SNL in 2019, Fineman has plenty of hilarious on-set memories. But there's one in particular she'll never forget.

"It was my first show and Chris Martin was the musical guest," she shares. "I had a character before SNL called Queef — I guess he had seen the lo-fi videos on Instagram — and when we were doing our goodbye he grabbed me by the arm and was like, 'Queef, come with me to the dressing room.' He was with Dakota Johnson, who I'm a huge fan of, and his healer was there, and he kept calling me Queef and I was dying of laughter. It was like, 'welcome to SNL, baby!'"

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With her experimental hair days in the past, and a new Pantene partnership being a part of her future — she'll be kicking off a series of #PanteneCanDoThat challenges on Instagram — Fineman is, at least, trying to take haircare a lot more seriously moving forward.

"I try to be a hair mask person, but I'm not good at it," she jokes. "So, I keep my conditioner in for way too long and then just wash it out."

Hey, no judgement here.

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