By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated Jan 16, 2018 @ 12:00 pm
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Charlotte Tilbury's newest makeup product has Hollywood in the name, and you can take the reference to your favorite on-screen stars and miles and miles of red carpets literally because it's already a hit among some of the most popular and talked about celebrities of the moments. And it's sure to be a hit with you, too, given that it's inspired by the photo-filtering technology that lives within your iPhone.

Not a foundation or a highlighter, Tilbury created the skin tint of sorts by looking to technology and how filters have the ability to create a soft-focus glow on the skin, as well as lift and blur imperfections. She created a similar effect with her formula, using ingredients like pearlescent porcelain flower extract, smoothing airbrush polymers to minimize the appearance of pores, glossy oil to moisturize and enhance light, and finely milled powders to add a soft-focus element.

It made its official celebrity debut at the 2018 Golden Globes, where Greta Gerwig, Mandy Moore, and Laura Dern all wore took it for a test-drive and succeeded with the radiance the product promises. Even more impressive, the product hasn't even made its way to market yet—it launches worldwide at the beginning of March and on February 22 on for $44 a pop, and we have a feeling it'll be just as popular around Tinseltown as her Pillow Talk lipstick was.

VIDEO: How to Apply Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter

Only slightly pigmented enough to even out your skin tone in a natural, subtle way, the seven skin tone options can be used in place of your foundation, or if you desire more coverage, you can apply it over your regular formula.

Who knows, maybe this little bottle will replace the filter section of Instagram completely. At least it'll give you more time to come up with that witty caption and an emoji to match.