This Viral "Light Wand" Highlighter Has a 50,000+ Shopper Waitlist — and After Months Out of Stock, It's Finally Back

Thank Madison Beer for that one.

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This Viral 'Light Wand' Highlighter Has a 9,000+ Shopper Waitlist
Photo: Courtesy/InStyle

Beauty products that perennially sell out take on a mysterious, must-have aura. Call it consumer psychology, but the thought of getting your hands on a beloved product that's almost impossible to nab is tantalizing. Just take the face oil Chrissy Teigen made sell out for a full year, or the Charlotte Tilbury highlighter that's been out of stock for months. But today, the latter is *finally* back on shelves — for however long the brand's re-up lasts.

If you haven't been following the saga, I'll catch you up. Madison Beer featured Charlotte Tilbury's Hollywood Beauty Light Wand in her makeup tutorial for Vogue back in February, and the effect of literally two dots on each cheekbone was gorgeous. As InStyle's own style writer, Tara Gonzalez, attests, trying it "damn near lifted up my entire face, if I'm being honest" — and those results (and doubtless Beer's 24 million Instagram followers), made the highlighter a hot commodity.

Eight months later, and the highlighter's as difficult to score as a unicorn's horn. A spokesperson for Charlotte Tilbury confirms that it's racked up a wait list of over 50,000 shoppers, thanks to a combination of the viral moment and the foolproof halo the product delivers. It's the rare case of packaging being just as good as the highlighter itself: You squeeze the Light Wand and its pearly, brightening formula emerges through the applicator's soft cushion pad, so a few dabs and you're out the door glowing.


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The combination is so good that hundreds of people have rated it five stars on the brand's website, where effusive reviews run rampant. "I simply adore this product. This is the most stunning, foolproof, glowy, dewy universal liquid highlighter there is," writes one shopper. "It looks so natural, effortless." The applicator makes for a "flawless" look, another person comments, the end result a "youthful glow."

"I bought this only a few days ago, and it's already paid for itself in compliments. Literally everywhere I go, I am told how 'glowy,' 'radiant,' and even 'serene' I look," one fan writes; another says the blendable finish is like a "natural glow from within," and the formula like none other they've tried. That traces back to "oleogel," an ingredient the brand says lends the highlight a bright, highlighted effect without any visible glitter. The product is also made with anti-aging uyaku, an ingredient from traditional Asian medicine that potently scavenges aging free radicals.

"If you're looking for a highlight that can be seen from Mars, this is not that product — and that is something I consider a very good thing, as I'm very over the fake looking highlight trend," writes a penultimate shopper. "It isn't glittery or metallic at all, it just imparts a lovely, lit-from-within glow that looks extremely natural."

As another person writes, "Blending it in well makes the face look plump, young, and gorgeous." Get it before the Madison Beer stans find out its back.

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