It involves a lot of glitter.

at Pier 36 on October 19, 2016 in New York City.
Credit: Monica Schipper/Getty

If you're having a hard time believing how fast this month has gone by, we're right there with you. We went into collective shock this morning when we realized that most Halloween parties are going to take place this weekend (kudos if you can pull a rager on a Monday) and we actuallyneed to have our costumes figured out. But we find peace in the fact that makeup can generally take care of any costume anxiety.

And last night, Charli XCX not only won the whole damn holiday with her eye makeup, but simultaneously convinced us all to ditch the princess get-up and go for something a little more, um, devilish?

Charli's makeup artist, Bea Sweet, created a red glittery smoky eye and spiced it up with "prosthetic blood drops embedded with crystal."

While we're not sure we have the tools to make prosthetic blood drops, we do have a ton of glitter and vaseline, which we're sure will suffice for our non-celeb Halloween plans.