Is This the Most Glamorous Spa in Paris?

The Ritz Paris is nothing short of glorious, there’s no doubt about that. Pulling up to the historic property tucked into the Grande Place Vendome feels like a scene from a movie (and it has been in reality, many times). Walk inside its marbled lobby, and a feeling of grandeur takes over your body, because everything is absolutely magical. But despite the outstanding rooms and phenomenal service, there’s a respite of total pampering and relaxation hidden downstairs below the lobby. It’s called the Chanel Au Ritz Paris, the hotel’s luxury spa, and it certainly lives up to its name.

Blending the art of skincare at the Ritz Paris, the spa features give elegant alcoves for treatments, each with its own private bathroom.

Le Grand Soin, the spa's signature two-hour treatment, incarnates the quintessence of the Art of Skincare according to Chanel. The treatment involves the face and body, starting with a conversation with your treatment designer to determine your skin care goals.

First, the skin is prepped while you lose yourself in a world of sound and light design (read: total relaxation). Throughout the treatment, Le Massage de Chanel incorporates the most luxurious Chanel products onto the skin, including a highly concentrated coat of collagen. When you finish, your skin looks like you have never seen the light of day, stress, or worry—instead, your multi-sensory voyage has left you with radiant, firm skin that is soft as a baby’s bottom.

VIDEO: All Aboard for Chanel's Star-studded Cruise Show

After your treatment, head to the relaxation room overlooking the giant pristine pool, where you’ll be served a wellness cocktail while you kick your feet up and chillax to your fullest. Colin Field, the world's most famous barman, has created four healthy cocktails exclusively for the Ritz Club Paris.

The bottom line? Coco Chanel would certainly approve.

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