Shoppers Say This "Amazing" Serum Plumped the Fine Lines Around Their Mouth

"[I] can hardly believe how poreless my skin looks."

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Shoppers Say This "Amazing" Serum Plumped the Fine Lines Around Their Mouth
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It's pretty well established that you don't have to pay hefty prices to get skincare that works. The drugstore offers plenty of hardworking essentials, but if you want products that look as beautiful as they make your skin, Chanel's skincare range is hard to beat. That's especially true for its newest N°1 de Chanel line, which spotlights camellia flower's anti-aging impact. And according to shoppers, the range's Revitalizing Serum plumps fine lines "amazingly" well.

On Chanel's website, people said it quickly evened out their skin tone and made their face feel "supple and tight" — and those who can't handle retinol's irritation said it's the first thing that's been able to minimize their crepey skin. One week is enough to see the serum "work wonders," per another customer, and another over 50 years old said after three days of using it, the skin compliments started rolling in for the first time ever.

"I have fine lines around my mouth and this serum has plumped them," wrote a fan on Ulta's website. "It's worth every penny." According to Chanel, the impressive results come from the red camellia extract and water inside the serum's striking crimson glass bottle: The plant's "revitalizing powers" and "extraordinary energy" allegedly give it "perennial youth." It sounds a bit like the treasure in an Indiana Jones movie, but a 2007 study found the plant's oil did promote collagen synthesis and a 2019 study discovered the extract warded off pollutant-induced skin damage.

No 1 de Chanel Revitalizing Serum

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The serum is bolstered by the inclusion of adenosine, which stimulates collagen production to decrease the appearance of wrinkles, according to The Derm Review. Glycerin and 1,2-hexanediol draw water into the skin as humectants, and coffee seed oil works overtime to deliver antioxidants, moisturize, and stimulate elastin (so the "shockingly" bouncy skin and softened lines reviewers discuss make sense). Finally, lactic acid gently softens wrinkles, and palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7 reduces the inflammation that degrades collagen, per the website InciDecoder.

All of those factors led shoppers to comment on their "quite noticeable" results, like reduced oiliness and "silky smooth" skin. "[I] can hardly believe how poreless my skin looks," wrote a penultimate fan, and a last one said the serum leaves them glowing so much, they no longer wear foundation. "I have used many moderate to high-end products and this is one of the best," they concluded.

If you'd like to try the blend of plant power in Chanel's Revitalizing Serum, it's $120 at the brand's website and Ulta Beauty.

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