“This stuff puts my $200 skin serums to SHAME!”

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When it comes to skin and body care, everyone has different preferences, but there’s one thing Amazon shoppers can agree on: This tub of CeraVe moisturizer is “the best” for both.

The CeraVe Moisturizing Cream is Amazon’s best-selling body moisturizer, thanks to over 2,300 customers who have left it enthusiastic five-star reviews. If you’re unfamiliar with CeraVe products, the body cream is formulated with ceramides and hyaluronic acid (like the rest of its line), which work to moisturize and maintain your skin’s protective barrier. The moisturizer is fragrance and oil free, hypoallergenic, and non-comedogenic. Shoppers are so obsessed with it that they slather it everywhere, including their face (the brand notes the formula is safe for facial use), and rave that it doesn’t only soothe their dry and itchy skin, but leaves it plump, too.

CeraVe Moisturizing Cream 19 Ounce Daily
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Shop now: $17 with coupon; amazon.com

“I have extremely sensitive skin. In the past six months or so, my skin has become very dry, likely due to my age. I finally came [across] CeraVe — I've only used it for two days and I cannot believe the difference in my skin,” one customer wrote. “Day one was a huge improvement...by evening of day two my skin has no dry patches at all and is glowing. I'm 50 and haven't had glowing skin in years. My complexion is very smooth and even as well. I don't know what is in this stuff but it is really a miracle cream and it's so affordable. I will never use another skin cream.”

I’m personally a fan of the moisturizer, too — while I haven’t tested it on my face, it’s the only cream I trust to use on my legs post-shave. It absorbs quickly and leaves my skin soft and supple for hours. Reviewers even say the under-$20 cream is better than products they’ve spent hundreds of dollars on.

Another CeraVe convert wrote, “This stuff puts my $200 skin serums to SHAME! I feel like an idiot for over-spending all these years and fighting my dry patches when I could have purchased this all along. I found the face wash as well ($12 with coupon; amazon.com)...I use them both once a day and in less than two weeks my skin is DEWEY when it was trashed before.”

And If we haven’t convinced you yet, we’re sure the thousands of reviews will.