Credit: hanacureeffect/instagram

Even if you don't completely know what the Hanacure Treatment Mask ($29; is, you've absolutely seen it on your Instagram feed.

It's the face mask that looks less like a sheet or peel-off variation, but more like the makeup department from The Curious Case of Benjamin Button decided to give you a makeover on a whim. Dubbed "the grandma mask" by the general population on the internet, Hanacure's formula create an intense tightening effect that gives off a super-creepy appearance for about 30 minutes, to reveal an insanely toned complexion underneath. Needless to say, we're intrigued, and so is Hollywood. Many celebrities have jumped on the Hanacure bandwagon, decorating our timelines with special effects-worthy selfies featuring the face mask of the moment.

Keep reading to see each star in all their masked glory.

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Drew Barrymore

Following a tip from her friend Crystal Meers, Barrymore took the Hanacure set on a test-drive, and claimed that the new addition to her routine has "changed her life" ever since.

January Jones

No, this isn't a behind-the-scenes shot of a future Betty Draper plot twist—it's the intense tightening effect promised by the Hanacure mask, emphasis on the "intense."

Busy Philipps

The star posted an Instagram story over the summer showcasing the entire Hanacure process, from mixing the mask, to letting it sit for a half hour.

Frankie Grande

Ariana Grande's big brother, also coincidentally of Big Brother fame, documented his masking journey on his Snapchat.