These Are the Only Luxury CBD Beauty Brands I'll Ever Shop

I've got my reasons.

CLEAN SLATE: The Only Luxury CBD Brands I'll Ever Shop
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Cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD, has made some serious waves in the beauty industry over the past few years.

From lotions to serums, bath bombs, and even lip balms, the cannabis-derived ingredient can be found in a number of beauty products — and there's a noticeable increase in the luxury sector. But what's missing is Black ownership behind these brands.

While exact numbers are hard to come by when it comes leadership positions in the CBD space, what is available is troubling.

In 2019, Marijuana Business Daily's annual Women & Minorities in the Cannabis Industry report found that less than one in every five cannabis businesses across the United States were minority-owned. Couple the previous stat with the fact that in 2020, the ACLU reported that over six million marjiuana-related arrests have been made between 2010 and 2018, with Black people being incarcerated at much higher rates than white people — even in states where the plant has been legalized — while not necessarily consuming or possessing cannabis at higher rates than any other racial group.

This is why as a Black woman beauty editor, it feels morally wrong for me to support non-Black-owned brands in the luxury cannabis space that are making a huge profit off these products without giving back to communities that have in many ways been destroyed by the criminalization of weed.

So that's why I don't.

Instead, I've decided to only support Black-owned businesses in this space until I've seen a distinct shift in the industry. Thankfully, my list of go-to brands keeps on growing.

All of my favorite brands and products (so far), ahead.

Brown Girl Jane

black owned cbd

The blend of aloe, shea, and cocoa butter found in this blessed body butter will leave your skin feeling supple and moisturized, while extra-strength CBD is said to help soothe any soreness or tension in the body.

To shop: $52;

Beauty Stat Universal C Eye Perfector

black owned cbd

There's a reason why BeautyStat has quickly become a cult-favorite — the brand's products work. The Universal C Eye Perfector's formula of 5% pure stabilized vitamin C mixed with anti-inflammatory CBD is the perfect combo for radiant, smooth under eyes.

To shop: $65;

Frigg Attuning Hair Potion

black owned cbd

Meant to be used both on the hair and scalp, this elixir made of ingredients like castor seed, peppermint, and sweet basil oils (and of course CBD) helps to soothe scalp irritation as well as condition the hair strands.

To shop: $45;

I + I Botanics CBD Coffee Body Scrub

black owned cbd

Wash (and scrub) away your day with this caffine-rich exfoliant. The formula's key ingredients include hemp-derived CBD, Ethiopian coffee, aloe, and Irish moss seaweed to leave your skin feeling radiant and renewed.

To shop: $39;

NoireBud Lavanilla

black owned cbd

Lavender and vanilla will help you bring you down from a hard day, while 25mg of CBD per tea bag will put you in the ultimate chill mood.

To shop: $45 for 20 tea bags;

Undefined Beauty Glow Elixir

cbd black owned

While rosehip extract helps to brightens, argan oil works to hydrate, and rose oil soothes, the 250mg blend of full spectrum cannabinoids CBD and CBG rejuvenate the skin and calm irritation.

To shop: $48;

Blissful Stoner Body Essentials Turmeric + Tea Tree + Lavender Exfoliating Glow Scrub

black owned cbd

Come out of the shower glowing with this ultra-hydrating CBD-infused scrub. Another plus? The turmeric found in the formula will help to lighten any unwanted discoloration on the body overtime with regular use.

To shop: $17;

Aspen Apothecary Moon Dust

Aspen Apothecary decided to mix the potential healing properties of CBD with the power of scent to create one-of-a-kind fragrances. Moon Dust features notes of palo santo, desert rose, apricot, and pink pepper for an otherworldly sensorial experience.

To shop: From $79;

Kayaire Rejuvenating Gel Cleanser

black owned cbd

Clear your pores, and give your skin the ultimate refresh — without drying your face out — with this cleanser's blend of CBD, apple extract, and lavender.

To shop: $18;

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