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InStyle November - Cara Delevingne - Lead
Credit: Juergen Teller

The spunky model and actress on learning to love herself and finding her signature scent.

So you really hated your brows as a kid, huh? I did, and my mom would always tell me they were my best feature. I was like, “They look like giant slugs on my face and you think they’re my best feature?” [Laughs] I wanted small eyebrows, and I’d try to tweeze them down. I was also naturally skinny, but I wanted curves.

We always want what we don’t have. I don’t know why we do that as women. I didn’t start appreciating my brows until everyone else did. We want to be skinnier, we want to be taller, we want to have a big bum. Those are fads, and real beauty is from within. I mean … we can all be vain at times, but for me, looks are one of the least meaningful things in my life.

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Did Chloe and Poppy, your older sisters, teach you about makeup? Not really. They’re six and eight years older than me, so I was always the baby and they were these gorgeous, incredible creatures I looked up to. But I wanted to be a kid for as long as I could. I treated makeup like a costume or a disguise, whether it was me being a clown or a superhero. When I started working, I delved into makeup and began to discover my femininity in so many ways. Beauty and fashion created an endless pool of creativity and wonder for me.

You’re the face of Burberry’s newest scent, Burberry Her. Have you always enjoyed fragrance? I love people who smell good, and I think fragrance suits some people more than others. For me, depending on how bad I smell, I prefer to keep it subtle with a few dabs here and there.

What do you like about this new scent? There’s something youthful about it compared with other Burberry fragrances. This one’s lighter. It’s cooler. It has fruity and floral notes but also earthy tones that feel like my personality.

You never seem to take yourself too seriously. What keeps you happy? I enjoy life and try to take a step back and be grateful for what I have. Sometimes, of course, I’m not comfortable in my skin, but I don’t think anyone is all the time. I don’t dwell in my sorrow and misery because I feel that does nothing but bring you down. I’m learning how to love myself even when I don’t want to. It’s a process, but I’m getting there.

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