Can These 6 Calming Beauty Products Actually Help You Calm Down?

An investigation.

Relaxing Beauty Products
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I can't stop reading the news. Scrolling through my Twitter feed is the first thing I do every morning, I robotically check for updates on the COVID-19 pandemic throughout the day, watch the daily coronavirus task force press briefings, and I lie in bed at night refreshing my feed at least five times before I try to fall asleep.

With the coronavirus affecting different countries more than others, it's tough for me to look away. I want to know how bad it really is, and prepare myself for the potential worst case scenarios based on what's happened in other parts of the world. It's important to be informed, but with all of the information on the ever-changing situation coming at me — whether it's from the government or first-hand accounts of dealing with COVID-19 — it's impossible not to feel more and more anxious as the days of social distancing start to blend into each other.

During this uncertain time, I'm game to try anything that promises to temporarily calm me down and put my mind at ease. Whether it's at-home workouts, meditation, or using beauty products that are literally described as "calming" and "soothing."

So, can the following six beauty products really help me relax? Let's investigate.

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Lord Jones High CBD Formula Body Oil

Calming Beauty Products

Does CBD oil really calm you down when you're feeling anxious? I have friends who won't shut up about how tinctures and gummies mellow them out. Have I felt calmer the handful of times I've tried CBD oil? Yes, definitely, but I can't help but question if it's a placebo effect. That being said, CBD body oils do work like a natural muscle relaxer. While I first used Lord Jones' oil to soothe my sore neck and knee after a car accident last spring, I've started massaging it on my temples to relieve tension headaches. Within a minute, my head feels lighter — even though every single news headline makes me furrow my brows.

To buy: $50;

LOOPS Night Shift Face Mask

Calming Beauty Products

My face was not made for sheet masks. My forehead is too small, so the eye and mouth holes never line up. Picture Dwight Schrute in that Office episode where he uses the CPR dummy's face as a mask. And that's what makes using a sheet mask so perfect right now. Even if they fit your face right, you can't really talk or look down at your phone when you're wearing one. My hot tip: Set your phone to Do Not Disturb and slap one on right before you go to bed. You'll hopefully clear your mind enough to fall asleep as soon as you take the mask off.

It also doesn't hurt to use a mask that's designed to be used at night. On top of ingredients that hydrate and firm skin, this compostable LOOPS hydrogel mask is soaked with rosemary, peppermint, and lavender oils — all of which are known to be calming.

To buy: $30/5;

Herbivore Botanicals Calm Bath Salts

Calming Beauty Products

These bath salts are literally named "calm," so I expect them to soak away my stress. Inside the jar is a mix of detoxifying Himalayan sea salt, and ylang ylang and vanilla oils, meant to both physically and mentally soothing. Even if you're not a bath fan, I recommend grabbing a book, lighting a candle, and dumping these salts in the tub. Not everyone is self-distancing solo, so taking a minute to be by yourself can be a much-needed reset. And the tub is a great place for a bit of alone time, trust.

To buy: $18;

Mount Lai De-Puffing Rose Quartz Facial Roller

Calming Beauty Products

Facial rollers are supposed to be great for anyone whose under eyes look like puffy little bread rolls. I haven't seen instant results with rollers, but standing in front of the mirror while focusing on running one over your cheeks, forehead, and chin can be mentally soothing and relieve tension. If you're going to massage your face with a roller, go with a rose quartz one. The crystal has calming proprieties and is cool to the touch, so it's refreshing against skin.

To buy: $38;

May Lindstrom The Blue Cocoon

Calming Beauty Products

Shades of soft blue are psychologically proven to soothe, calm, and encourage reflection. That's exactly the vibe I get when I crack open my jar of May Lindstrom's Blue Cocoon. This balm is described as "a meditation and spa vacation for your skin." And I gotta agree. Its peaceful color is thanks to blue tansy, a plant-based essential oil with emotional and skin soothing benefits. Massaging the balm on my face gives my skin an instant cooling effect, but it also reduces redness and smooths dry patches. Yes, it's pricey, but this balm calms my hyperactive mind and feels like I'm wrapping my skin in a soft, fuzzy blanket.

To buy: $180;

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

Calming Beauty Products

Anyone who's skeptical about aromatherapy, please try this pillow spray and get back to me. Here's how it works: A few spritzes of this lavender, vetivert, and wild chamomile oil blend on your pillow is supposed to relax your mind so you fall asleep faster. If you want to sleep as well as Sleeping Beauty, give the spray a shot. Maybe it's a coincidence, but I don't toss and turn on nights when I've spritzed my pillows. No "wake up" kiss required, but you'll still feel well-rested in the morning. Believe me, I'm single as hell.

To buy: $29;

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