This $10 Retinol Alternative Helped Shoppers Achieve Brighter Skin in Weeks

“My skin texture is incredible in such a short time.”

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Bybi Bakuchiol Serum
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Despite its universally beloved status as an anti-aging skincare ingredient, retinol can come with potential side effects. Enter bakuchiol: a retinol alternative that's generally tolerated by even those with sensitive skin. Dermatologist-approved for its potential to lessen signs of aging skin, bakuchiol has grown in popularity as a hero ingredient in many skincare products. As for a bakuchiol option that's favored by shoppers, one $10 serum is a "miracle that delivers."

The Bybi Beauty Bakuchiol and Olive Squalane Oil Booster is a daily serum that can reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Combined with squalane, a skincare ingredient known for its moisturizing benefits, the booster can be used as a solo product or combined with other moisturizers, balms, and serums.

"So light and easy to smooth across the face. My skin feels like velvet after usage," a Credo Beauty shopper wrote. Another reviewer noted they use just a few drops and "wake with soft, glowing skin."

bybi bakuchiol serum

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If you're new to bakuchiol, Dr. Melanie Palm previously explained how it works to InStyle, saying, "Bakuchiol does not chemically resemble retinols and retinoids, but it is shown through lab studies, genetic expression, and clinical application to the skin to induce many of the same anti-aging changes as the vitamin A derivatives we as dermatologists have loved for decades."

"I've tried retinol and it makes my skin so dry and flaky, even with infrequent use. [It's] much too harsh for me. I have been using this product for a week or so and my skin texture is incredible in such a short time," a reviewer confirmed of the serum.

Others with sensitive skin confirmed similar results, including a shopper who wrote, "Finally an anti-aging product that doesn't cause my skin to become red and irritated!"

Though bakuchiol is tolerated by most skin types, experts suggest you only use the product once daily. Additionally, Palm told InStyle that it's best to use bakuchiol as part of your nightly routine, noting, "As nighttime skincare can exploit the increased skin absorption, temperature, circulation, and reparative mechanisms, evening application of bakuchiol is ideal to help with skin rejuvenation."

At just $10 a bottle, now is your chance to try the serum shoppers say improved the brightness and texture of their skin in just weeks.

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