This Under-$30 Electric Razor Gives the Closest Shave Ever Without the Ingrown Hairs

“It is an all over great razor even in the bikini area.”

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"Game Changer" Electric Razor
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It's no secret that hair removal methods have gotten faster and easier over the years. Now, you can choose between laser hair removal, waxing, electrolysis, and depilatory creams. And, if you still turn to shaving, even that has evolved. Instead of the old-school two-blade razors, you can opt for this high-performance electric razor that shoppers can't praise enough for the closest (and smoothest) shave yet.

The Brori electric razor is a "must-have for anybody who hates shaving," according to thousands of reviewers. Perhaps it's the variation of blades that get the job done, or the LED lights that help to see any out-of-place hairs, that makes the razor so impressive. The smart technology in the shaver allows it to curve and move over your skin to limit cuts and scrapes.

Brori electric razor

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The multitasking shaver has different blades that move as you control the razor over your skin — one of the blades even curves to glide over small areas effortlessly and hard-to-reach places. At the same time, the straight-formed blade takes care of the larger sections. There is also a floating foil piece that filters residue through so that the razor stays clean. The best part? The electric razor eliminates only shaving on wet skin — you can use it on dry skin, too, if you need to save time when you're rushing.

"This is a total game-changer when it comes to shaving," one reviewer said. "The blade cuts the hair, and the screen gives you the close shave you desire. There's also a plastic guard that can be used for your 'downstairs' area, and it works wonders without any irritations like you often get with a regular razor."

You can also use the electric razor on multiple areas of your body. "It is an all-over great razor even in the bikini area," another wrote, before adding, "There is no pain, no pinching or pulling while shaving so all areas are pain-free. You get the closest shave using it wet but even dry it does the job."

"I bought this razor to try and avoid ingrown hairs and uncomfortable itching. I think it did a great job," a final shopper said. "It's as close a shave as you can get without actually being completely flush with the skin. So, it gave me [fewer] ingrowns, and my skin wasn't itchy when the hair was growing back."

With a shave this good (and easy), why wait to try it for yourself? Head to Amazon now and snag the electric razor for yourself for under $30 while you can.

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