Brooke Shields Has Finally Revealed the Secret to Her Iconic Brows, and It Costs $10

The originator of the thick brow trend has spoken.

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You could say that Brooke Shields' iconic thick eyebrows of the 1980s (and beyond) walked so that the rest of our kinda-fluffy and on-trend ones could run in the 2020s. And the endless gratitude we have for her and those beautiful brows is continuing to grow, as she just let InStyle in on a sculpting hack that's so good, an eyebrow expert swears by it, too.

While discussing her latest partnership with Colgate and its gum-focused renewal toothpaste, Shields emphasized that proactively caring for skin, teeth, and hair should be a part of one's daily routine. She personally does this by using serums — like the True Botanicals CBD Face Oil — and sunscreens with high SPF every day, in addition to highlighting her natural features with subtle makeup.

"It's not a luxury, it's a privilege to take care of your teeth, gums, teeth, and skin," Shields told InStyle. "These things are as important as what we eat."

A full face of makeup is not part of her typical beauty diet, but caring for her eyebrows is. To keep them volumized and in place, she doesn't use popular brow gels or liners, though. "I have yet to find a good gel that doesn't get crunchy," she admitted. Instead, Shields relies on items she already has in her beauty closet. "I'll put my lip gloss or conditioner balms on them. It cleans them up a bit and adds a sheen."

Sure, it might seem odd to use your lip essentials on your brows, but this move is actually heralded by the pros. Azi Sacks, eyebrow expert and 20-year veteran in the beauty field, says that because most gels contain alcohol, they tend to dry hair and "create a stiffness that can shatter and dry the brow."

"This creates patches in the brow. It also dries the skin under the hair — this area of skin is vital to the brows fullness. If it's dry or flakey, new hairs don't generate and properly come through in hair cycles," she adds.

Instead, it's ideal to use lip balms, like Shields, or other similarly hydrating products that contain heavy emollients in the ingredients. These have the ability to "actually grip the hair in a sweet way to raise it off the skin, and to brush up and build texture."

It's simple to use a balm or salve as opposed to a gel. Sacks recommends putting a thin amount across a spoolie and then using the brush to shape your brows however you like.

"I'm the biggest fan of Rosebud Salve," she said. "It's the perfect cake topper to a nicely shaped and tinted brow! It's simplified and just enough to create texture, and add hydration to the hair and skin."

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And one last piece of advice from Shields we should all follow: "Don't over pluck!"

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