This Curl Cream Is Very Great, Honestly That's the Story

I can’t imagine life without it.

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I Cannot Imagine Life Without This Curl Cream
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When it comes to curly hair hacks and products, I have tried it all. My journey to perfect ringlets has come with some success, but I'm always looking for something more. And just when I thought I had my curly haircompletely figured out, one seriously magical leave-in conditioning product permanently changed my beauty regimen.

I wanted a product that would enhance my curl pattern, required little effort to apply, and didn't leave behind noticeable, heavy residue in my hair. Bread Beauty Supply's Elastic Bounce Leave-In Conditioning Styler Hair Cream does all that and smells like a fruity popsicle.

BREAD BEAUTY SUPPLY Elastic Bounce Leave-in Conditioning Styler Hair Cream

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Formulated for use on multiple hair types, including curls, coils, and waves, the cream was created to enhance and hold your curl pattern without creating a crunchy, hard texture. Its ingredient list, which includes quinoa protein and mango, works to repair and protect your hair, while leaving behind a silky, bouncy finish. As an added bonus, the cream is scented with notes of light berry popsicle.

I followed my normal styling regimen and applied the product post-shower. I added a dollop of cream to my hands and then emulsified it between my hands before running it through my hair. I then scrunched and twirled sections of my hair before allowing it to air dry.

Upon drying, my curls were noticeably more defined, thicker, and healthier. The product felt weightless in my hair and didn't leave any oil or unnecessary shine to my strands. Even with product, my curls can tend to look frizzy, but the cream helped keep everything together.

The product is still new, but some Sephora shoppers have also quickly fallen in love. 'I used this product alone to see how it would perform and it gave my curls tons of moisture and medium hold without weighing my curls down," one reviewer exclaimed. Another was "pleasantly surprised" by their experience, sharing, "It defined my 4a/b hair while still giving me a soft and fluffy wash and go. It's definitely my new holy grail styler."

As for longevity, the cream lasted me into a second day without washing. I did have to use a bit of water and scrunch to refresh the style, but as one reviewer noted, "By the second day I had volume with minimal frizz, and my curls were still happy and juicy!"

I can't help but agree. In fact, I can't imagine my life without it. Head to Sephora and pick up a jar of Bread Beauty Supply's leave-in cream today.

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