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We've seen some pretty unique face cleanser formulations in our time—the gels, foams, and creams of years past almost seem old-school next to the gommage, micellar, oil, and even solid oil options constantly launching today.

An actual ball of jelly, however? That's a first.

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This summer, Boscia will roll out the coolest, weirdest formulation we've ever seen with their Charcoal Jelly Ball Cleanser. It has the texture of Jell-o, the shape of a sphere, and is jam-packed with detoxifying ingredients like black bamboo charcoal, and Hinoki oil. The cleanser comes housed inside of a latex balloon to keep its shape, so before the first use, you'll have to use the tiny included spear to stab a hole in the exterior and get the actual ball out.

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If unboxing the product isn't fun enough, getting down to cleansing will prove to be even more satisfying. Resist the urge to bounce the ball against your mirror, and instead, wet your face all over. Pick up the unwrapped ball and either massage it over your skin and in your hands until a lather forms. Work the suds over your face, rinse, then repeat if necessary. You'll want to keep the bottom half of the plastic container for storage purposes, but because of the gelatin-esque texture, you don't have to worry about the cleanser drying out.

Find it at Sephora starting in July for $26.