By Marianne Mychaskiw
Updated Jun 07, 2016 @ 1:30 pm
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Bobbi Brown Pencils
Credit: Courtesy

Especially on a struggle-filled makeup day, which involves half our face melting off in the summer heat, we find ourselves wishing there were ways to take photo-correcting software IRL to fix a few fades spots without disrupting anything else. Not unlike the pinpointed blur tool on Photoshop, Bobbi Brown's latest range allows you to target and correct a very specific area—like that unexpected zit that showed up around noon. "I created these products to make skin look retouched, naturally," the makeup artist says of her Retouching Collection, which contains a Retouching Face Pencil, and a Retouching Wand, both available in shades spanning from very fair to dark.

The Retouching Pencils can be described as the lovechild of your favorite concealer and a massive Crayola crayon. Of course, they can be used to cover up any areas that need extra love, but their pencil shape makes the product pretty versatile. We've used them around the perimeter of a bold lip to sharpen the edges (or conceal an accdiental smudge), as well as along our waterline for a wide-eyed appearance. We're also really big fans of the Retouching Wands. The slim stylo houses sheer foundation-concealer hybrid, which is dispensed out of the sponge tip applicator by twisting the end. The fluid is lightweight enough to wear as an all-over foundation, but translucent, so you can layer it on top of your existing makeup if you need a pick-me-up by the end of the day. Pick up the Bobbi Brown Retouching Face Pencils at now for $32 each, and find the Retouching Wands for $46 in stores starting this fall.