​​This Gentle Scar Serum Is Quickly Fading the Dark Spots and Hyperpigmentation on My Chest

And it’s helping me feel more comfortable in my skin.

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Blume Serum Review
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Hyperpigmentation is the white whale of my complexion. As a person of color, I am part of the population that is more receptive to the condition, and it ravages the skin on my face and body. For some people, discoloration requires heavily picking at a zit or excavating their pores. But hyperpigmentation means that my skin puts up with less; an untouched pimple, bug bite, or ingredient sensitivity will leave behind discoloration.

While there are dozens of products that target hyperpigmentation, they're usually not created for melanin — and can even be harmful to it. There's also the added layer of my baby-sensitive skin, which is irritated by many, if not most, brightening products. So when Blume offered to send its new Milky Fade Serum, a scar-fading formula created for acne-prone and sensitive skin, I decided to give it a try. My face has a comprehensive routine wherein the products work in tandem to handle a slew of issues, including hyperpigmentation, so I decided to experiment with the serum on my chest instead.

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Like many other women of color, the skin on my chest is far from smooth. It's another surface where discoloration rears its head — an issue that has made me incredibly self-conscious throughout my life. Unlike my face, I don't experience typical zit or blackhead-like breakouts in this area. Instead, my chest is often the site of things like hormonal welts and fabric-to-skin-contact rashes, among other miscellaneous hyperpigmentation with unidentifiable sources.

For the last three weeks, I've massaged a thin amount of the serum across my decolletage and upper breasts. The first thing I noticed (and appreciated) was that there was no irritation or sensitivity post-application, as well as no purging period for my skin to acclimate to the serum. Instead, my skin looks soft, gleaming, and vibrant within minutes of applying Milky Faded. These near-instant benefits come from ingredients like bilberry, vitamin E, Centella, and hyaluronic acid, which work together to keep my skin soothed, hydrated, and moisturized.

It took a little over two weeks for the evening and brightening ingredients — vitamin C (a brightening ingredient), glycerin (a chemical exfoliant), and niacinamide (a complexion evener and pore reducer) — to have noticeable effects. My complexion still has a ways to go, but my chest is noticeably glowing. Old sunspots from past poor SPF use are fading, and I'm less worried about the aftermath of rashes. These might seem like insignificant and superficial improvements, but the changes have made me feel more comfortable in my skin.

And while other hyperpigmentation products frequently use acids, retinol, and high concentrations of vitamin C that can be abrasive and irritating, especially on sensitive skin, Blume's Milky Fade Serum is padded with soothing ingredients. This guarantees you still fade e hyperpigmentation but don't have to deal with negative side effects. Ready to see for yourself? Add the $45 serum to your cart on Blume.

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