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While I was super duper pregnant and not feeling well I had gorgeous Olivia step in and model for me and I totally had forgotten that I still hadn’t shared this post! I went to go do this lemon-honey-sugar magic and remembered I needed to share it!

I am not exclusively all natural, but I do prefer all natural when it comes to products and if I can do something completely natural (while still effective) I will. I have been doing this lemon/honey/sugar rub for a long time now. I hate hate hate, double hate, loathe entirely (the Grinch anyone?!! oh please tell me someone got that reference??) BLACKHEADS! Oh I hate them. I also am one of those sick people who love to pop zits and extract blackheads.. I could sit down and just spend an hour extracting my blackheads one by one and have a ball. So usually my extracting process goes like this…

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1. Cut a lemon in half and apply honey (and a bit of sugar, although its not pictured) to the lemon half.

2. Rub on problem areas, for me that is my nose and in between my eyebrows and a few on my chin. This exfoliates and removes a lot of them.

3. Then for my stubborn ones, I grab my handy dandy, oh so flattering, magnifying mirror and my blackhead extractor and go to town!

*I would recommend DEFINITELY using a blackhead extractor because it is more sanitary and won’t get bacteria into those open pores! I use this one but there is also this one as well! And for a lot of you lemon, honey, and sugar might just be enough but for me I always have those stubborn ones that need to be extracted with an extractor!

Another way I like to remove my blackheads is with this recipe I posted, here. A lot of you have said it hurts to pull off, It really shouldn’t hurt so my advice is to NOT put it anywhere you have peach fuzz!!! And add less milk.

Or if you are not into the homemade stuff then I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mario Badescu Silver Powder…. I have beyond amazing results with this stuff. I got it as a free sample with a purchase one day at Nordstrom and I have used the sample for probably 6 months already haha aka it lasts forever and its only $12! I use it differently than the directions, I believe the directions say to use a cotton ball but I get a Q-Tip wet and then dip it in the powder.. it will immediately create a paste around the Q-Tip and then I apply it to my problem areas. Let it dry and remove with a warm wash cloth. I love to do it before I have a big event or going somewhere and want my skin to look really smooth because it literally makes my skin so smooth and diminishes my pores. So I definitely recommend trying that out!