Black water baths.

Black Bath Bomb Lead
Credit: toxicbitchcraft/instagram

Bath bombs are making a major comeback. Yep, the same products you bought in bulk because they're just so pretty to look at. And, you know, they seemed a lot fancier and more sophisticated than your standard bubble bath. C'mon, admit that you had a few sitting on your bathroom shelves for months....or years. How does one really use a cupcake-shaped bath bomb without feeling at least a little guilty?

Well, like we mentioned before, the Internet is currently freaking out over the concept of bath bombs—and here's why. A short Instagram video of a bath bomb in action posted by user Emma has over 1.4 million views, and once you watch it, you'll get why. It's also been posted all over the web, popping up on Twitter with a BIG reaction.

We've seen pretty much every color bath bomb except black. We literally cannot get over how black and inky the water looks! The bath bombs are apparently made by online company Hex Bomb and can be bought online. And if you're worried about the color, the brand claims they don't stain. Now, proceed... We know you want to watch the vid again.