Billie Eilish Wore This "Miracle Worker" Foundation to the Met Gala — and Shoppers Say It's a Gift for Aging Skin

Shoppers in their 40s and 50s rave about the formula.

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Billie Eilish Wore This "Miracle Worker" Foundation to the Met Gala — and Shoppers Say It's a Gift for Aging Skin
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The Met Gala was last night, and after a year(s) that's been full of stress, hair loss, and bad news, a smol dose of glamour was much appreciated. Theming the event "American" was a bold move in light of everything — but amidst Kim Kardashian dressed as a blackout curtain and Iman serving, Billie Eilish's Barbie-inspired look was absolutely stunning, not least thanks to a foundation that reviewers dub a "miracle worker" for those with fine lines.

Since she's literally 19, Eilish's skin probably needed no help — but according to shoppers, the Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation she wore ensures that creases fade out as glow slides to the forefront. "Due to my misspent youth and excessive sunbathing, I don't have fine lines; I have actual wrinkles. This is the best foundation I've ever tried in terms of giving my skin some much-needed life," writes a Nordstrom reviewer in their mid-40s.

"I feel silly writing this, but I can't stop checking my skin out in the mirror," they continue. "It just looks so much better with this foundation — it adds a luminous quality that really does look natural, and it doesn't look thick or cakey at all. It's like looking at my own skin, but through an Instagram filter, so that I recognize it, but it just looks loads better."

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Others in the same age range write that after years of searching for a foundation that covers without masking their skin, the Light Wonder is the first to "truly shock" them. Compliments come pouring in whenever they wear it, and it's "nothing short of a miracle" that the formula doesn't sink into fine lines or amplify pores — "everything [they] could ever ask for on aging skin."

Glowing foundation usually comes with the caveat that it may smear a little, thanks to the added moisture content. Yet per shoppers, Tilbury's is the rare bird that doesn't move; after one more person in their 40s went through Laura Mercier and Chanel foundations on the hunt for their combination skin's perfect fit, they found the Light Wonder provided glossy, medium coverage that doesn't smudge and turns acne scars undetectable.

"I am so impressed. I bought it after watching a few of Charlotte Tilbury's makeup videos, and when I saw that it was Rosie Huntington Whiteley-approved, I had to try," writes a fan. "I've found that most foundations leave my skin looking dry and flakey no matter what I put under them. This one is just stunning; my skin has never looked more beautiful."

More raves roll in from those in their late 50s, like one who writes: "Light, yet great coverage [that] doesn't settle into wrinkles and pores. I've been told I look like I'm not wearing foundation, and just have beautiful skin." If that's not the goal, I don't know what is. Purchase the celebrity go-to at Nordstrom or on Charlotte Tilbury's website.

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