My Skin Would Always Break Out When I Traveled — Until I Started Using This Serum

This is a game changer. 

Dr. Barbara Sturm Night Ampules Review
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Good to Go is our latest column where we share the beauty products we can't travel without. This month, why Dr. Barbara Sturm's Night Ampoules are great for on-the-go use — and hydrated, glowy skin.

Constant travel is all fun and games until you step into an airplane bathroom, look in the mirror, and realize that you skin looks drastically different than when you stepped out the house.

This has happened to me, well, basically every time I travel: my skin gets extra dry, flaky, and sometimes even bumpy and rough. Then it becomes like a tug-of-war to get my skin back in shape once my trip is over.

However, my skin freaking out while on-board on a plane, or in a new city, has become a thing of the past thanks to Dr. Barbara Sturm's new Night Ampoules — so now I refuse to travel without them.

The product first landed on my desk at the perfect time — about a week before I was scheduled to head out on a business trip. I've been a longtime fan of Dr. Sturm's products, as are many of my beauty editor peers, so for me it was a no-brainer to put these to the test.

That said, once I arrived at my destination, my skin was a little bit of a mess (tale as old as time). The area around my nose was dry and flaky, and the skin on my cheeks looked congested.

I didn't have time to do much when I first landed, but before bed, I started off by cleansing my face as per usual, then popped open an ampoule, applied it to my face, neck, and decolletage, then followed up with a moisturizer. The next morning, I woke up looking much more radiant and glowing. My nose was still mildly flaky (hey, you can't fix everything overnight), but my skin appeared to be much more smooth and supple — overall it was a huge improvement.

I followed the same routine for a week (even after I got home), and the results only got better with time.

Dr. Barbara Sturm Night Ampules Review

To buy: $150;

This serum is something like a perfect storm when it comes to combating stressed out, dry skin, and the trick is that it's not necessarily formulated to be used while traveling, but rather while your skin is in repair mode at night as you sleep.

The formula contains a mixture of cotton thistle extract, which works to balance out dryness, while poria cocos and beta-glucan help to balance neuropeptides, providing relief for irritation, and reducing redness. Last but not least, the serum also offers a healthy dose of Dr. Sturm's molecularly-balanced hyaluronic acid to help replenish much-needed hydration.

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Since the serum is inside tiny ampoules, this product is perfect for travel. All you have to do is throw as many as you need in your bag before your trip and since they're literally sealed shut, you won't have to think about anything spilling in your carry-on — then you're good to go.

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