Your End-of-Summer Nails Look, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Let astrology be your guide.

French manicure with strawberry designs
Photo: nailsby.hails/Instagram

Summertime is when bright colors, florals, and fun patterns take center stage before moving into the coziness of fall. If you're stumped with how to end the summer on a high note with your manicure, let your zodiac sign be your guide. Are you a daring Leo who isn't afraid of a pop of color? Or a romantic pisces who is one with the water? Whatever your sign, let astrology be your guide.

Find the perfect end-of-summer nail art, according to your zodiac sign, as listed below.

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This cool red and white gingham print nail art will make Aries nostalgic for their youthful days, and even inspire them to have some good old fashioned fun this summer. They'll remember how enjoyable the summer breaks were in their youth and try to embody that vibe throughout the season.


Anyone who knows a Taurus is aware that they are romantics at heart. All the more reason for them to paint their nails with a sentiment that rings true: love. Not only will it motivate the Bull to reignite an existing relationship, it will also introduce them to someone new.


Lemon is the fruit that's cosmically aligned with Gemini, and so is the vibrant color yellow. All the more reason for the Mercurial sign to adorn their nails with this cool design. They will be able to make lemonade out of lemons in no time and have the sweetest summer yet.


Cancer season is the start of summer, which is why the tender sign will opt for a beautiful lavender base with colorful pastel florals to kick things off with.


Leos love to wear bright pops of color on their claws. After all, they are known to be the one of the most dramatic and daring signs of the zodiac. This dizzying design will get them the attention and affection that they crave every time they are spotted around town.


Even though the sign Virgo is ruled by energetic Mercury, they'll want to wear a classy look on their nails as they are not known to be thrill-seekers. This oversized yet simple flower design is ideal for the earthy and practical sign to wear on their nails now.


Libras like to live the sweet life. And there is nothing sweeter than a French manicure that has strawberries on it. This will quench their thirst for summery vibes and make them feel as though they are able to chill and relax at the beach.


Yes, Scorpios like the darker side of life. However, they also have a fun-spirited vibe that they show off through the lighter months of the year — especially during the summer. Plus, neon nails with an artistic twist will make the scorpion feel seen and heard at this moment.


Sagittarius is known to openly embrace all aspects of life, which is why they'll love this chic look that incorporates different energies into one. The mutable sign will find the nail art embodies their innermost qualities. TBH, this will be the new go-to nail decor for Sagittarius all year long.


Capricorns like nail art with a modern twist. All the more reason why the sea-goat will have to wear this rich and decadent look throughout the summer season. It's office chic and beachwear fun at the same time. Also, the lush colors will make their nails look beautiful.


Aquarius is the celestial innovator of the zodiac. This is why the water-bearer will flip over this cosmic look that aligns beauty and astrology together. The ombré colors will entice and inspire the unique and free spirited air sign to take major leaps of faith and risks throughout the summer.


Pisces is a super romantic sign. This lovely blue base with splashes of color and gold will heighten the water sign's intuition and feelings when it comes to their love life. It may even inspire them to go out on a date with someone new or with their significant other.

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