10 Top-Rated Pore Strips That Actually Work, According to Thousands of Reviews

Banish blackheads for good with these beloved products.
By Rebecca Carhart
Sep 09, 2020 @ 9:37 am
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There are thousands of at-home skincare treatments on the market, but none are quite as satisfying as pore strips. Unlike masks, serums, and creams, which take time to work, these handy products give you instant results. 

These strips will remove dirt, oil, and dead skin cells without doing any damage, making them a safer alternative to removing blackheads by squeezing pores. However, certain pore strips can be irritating, so it’s important to figure out which one will work best for your skin’s needs. 

If your pores need a deep cleaning, you should look for options that have ingredients like  activated charcoal or witch hazel that remove bacteria. While people who have large pores should opt for oil-absorbing strips that are formulated to shrink the appearance of pores when they are done cleaning them. 

And it’s not just the ingredients you should pay attention to; you should consider the shape and size of the pore strips, too. While most strips are designed for the bridge of your nose, there are some oversized options that will cover the area in between your eyebrows as well. And if you’re looking to remove blackheads and clogged pores on your chin or forehead, consider a set that has strips specially designed to fit on each part of your face. 

To help you decide which pore strips are actually worth your money, we turned to reviews from real shoppers who have used these skincare essentials for themselves. From affordable pore strips to charcoal-infused options to three-step sets, we’ve rounded up 10 top-rated pore strips that customers say actually work. Keep reading to shop them all. 

These are the best pore strips to buy: 

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These Biore strips were likely your first foray into the world of pore strips, as the beloved skincare product has been a go-to since their launch in the ‘90s thanks to their ability to unclog pores quickly and efficiently. Not only are they extremely easy to use, they are also dermatologist-tested and safe to use on all skin types. More than 10,000 Amazon shoppers have given them their seal of approval, including one who wrote, “Best pore strips I’ve ever used. These work really well. You can SEE the gunk on the strip when you’re done. My nose feels really smooth now, and I have sensitive skin but it didn’t cause any damage.”

Shop now: 8-pack for $6 (Originally $9); amazon.com

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If you have large pores, opt for these Peace Out pore strips that will both clean pores and minimize their appearance. The strips feature hydrocolloid polymer technology, which absorbs the oil, dirt, and bacteria from inside pores, as well as the vitamin B-derived compound DMAE and vitamin A, which work together to shrink them. Unlike other pore strips that work in a few minutes, the brand recommends wearing these strips overnight (or for at least six hours at a time) to really get a deep clean. “I love this product,” raved one shopper. “I use them once a week before bed and the amount of gunk that comes out of my nose is incredible. And it makes my skin very smooth.”

Shop now: 8-pack for $19; sephora.com

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While most pore strips are meant to fit your nose, this set from Pacifica comes with strips that are designed to fit your nose, chin, and forehead, so you can easily unclog pores and remove blackheads on your entire face. The strips are infused with tea tree oil, witch hazel extract, and hemp seed oil to control excess oil and reduce redness. With an ingredient list like this, it’s no wonder why the strips have a near-perfect rating at Ulta. “I’ve used just about every strip I can get my hands on. They've mostly all worked, but this one is AMAZING,” said one customer. “It removed so much that other strips always left behind. My skin felt so clean. No pain. No sticky residue. I can’t recommend them enough!”

Shop now: $6; ulta.com

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This innovative option from TonyMoly comes with three different strips for a three-step treatment. The first strip helps prep the skin and bring blackheads and oils to the surface of your skin, the second strip removes them, and the third strip soothes your skin and tightens your pores. “This is honestly the best product I have ever used for blackheads and enlarged pores,” said one reviewer. “I love that it's a three step process also! The white strip that’s used to take out your blackheads, whiteheads, etc. is AMAZING! Definitely worth the money!”

Shop now: $4; ulta.com

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Activated charcoal is known for its ability to unclog pores, remove excess sebum, and nourish skin, which is why Biore launched a line of pore strips using it as its main ingredient. The strips use the brand’s patented C-bond technology, which helps them attach to blackheads and not your skin — so you can remove them without any fear of pain. “HOLY COW!!! The stuff that came out of my nose actually is disturbing,” said one shopper. “This stuff worked wonders. Left it to dry for 12 minutes. It left some black residue, but like the package explains, it rinsed away easily. I cleansed, did a mask and scrub prior to use, and WOW the results were amazing.” 

Shop now: 18-pack for $15; amazon.com

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Thousands of Amazon shoppers are fans of these Biore strips that are formulated with witch hazel to give your pores a deep clean. Customers rave that these fast-acting strips will remove blackheads and unclog pores in just 10 minutes. Plus, they love how affordable they are. You can buy a six-pack of the strips for only $6, meaning each treatment will only cost you a dollar. “I can’t get over how incredible these are,” raved one reviewer. “I struggle with blackheads and always have and no cleanser ever gets rid of them… I gave these a chance and OMG! It pulled out SO many blackheads and cleaned my pores out so good. I figure if I use them daily it will completely remove all my blackheads and have a clear nose again! These are seriously the best I’ve EVER tried.”

Shop now: 6-pack for $6 (Originally $8); amazon.com

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Boscia is known for making top-of-the-line skincare products, and these pore strips are no different. The strips are specially formulated with activated charcoal, silica powder, witch hazel, and peony root extract, which work together to remove blackheads in a few minutes. Along with detoxifying pores and removing impurities, these will also shrink pores to help prevent them from becoming clogged again in the future. They are definitely more expensive than other options on the list, but customers say they are worth the price. “This IS the high end version of the nose strips out there. But after trying several brands, Boscia is the winner,” wrote one shopper. 

Shop now: 12-pack for $28; dermstore.com

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If you’re looking to give your pores a really deep cleaning, hundreds of Ulta customers recommend these pore strips form Formula 10.0.6. Made with a unique blend of charcoal, witch hazel, and Morracean lava clay, shoppers say they were shocked by how much gunk these strips removed from their pores. Each set comes with four butterfly-shaped nose strips and four rectangular strips that can be used on your T-zone or chin. One customer wrote, “If you guys could see the amount of stuff this bad boy can pull out!! It’s kind of painful pulling off but it does a great job of freeing your pores. This is definitely my go-to pore strip and I love that it’s not just for the nose.”

Shop now: 8-pack for $7; ulta.com

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If you have sensitive skin and are worried about pore strips irritating your skin, consider this hypoallergenic version from Jolvka. The top-rated strips remove dirt, oil, and dead skin cells while tightening pores at the same time. Each box includes 30 pore strips and comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t fully satisfied. “I have THE most sensitive skin of anyone I know,” said one customer. “I can’t use any fragrance products and especially no face lotions, cleaners or makeup without getting a face rash. I read this one carefully and was a bit hesitant about the witch hazel but I didn’t have one bit of rash after use. And it works! So, happy faces all around.”

Shop now: 30-pack for $10; amazon.com

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This TonyMoly pore strip can unclog more pores at once than other strips on this list, thanks to its unique oversized shape that fits your entire nose, including the area in between your eyebrows. Besides removing impurities in just 15 minutes, the strips also feature a marine root-up complex that helps nourish, soothe, and shrink pores. “I really like these strips because, not only do they cover the entirety of your nose, but they go up the bridge of your nose and a rather large patch of the forehead,” wrote one shopper. “Peel off slowly so as to not damage your skin and then marvel at the nastiness that was in your pores.”

Shop now: $4; amazon.com