By Victoria Moorhouse
Oct 12, 2018 @ 11:00 am
Savanna Ruedy

Bookmark this tidbit of content before your next manicure (and inevitable post-mani Instagram pic). Turns out, the shape of your nails can actually totally transform the way your fingers look overall. So, what's the best nail shape to elongate your fingers

According to Amy Ling Lin, the founder of sundays studio in New York City, an oval-shaped nail visually lengthens the fingers. "I always advise clients to select an 'oval' nail, where the sides are filed straight but the top of the nail is softer with rounded edges towards the ends," she says.

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It makes sense, right? The shape of an oval nail mimics the shape of your finger, creating a fluid, elongating effect, rather than a square nail that creates a perpendicular line with your finger. And it doesn't even matter if you've refrained from gel and have super long, strong nails. This nail shape looks good on short nails, too. 

While oval is the most obvious choice, there's another option that'll give you a similar look. "Almond nails have a thinning effect on the hands and create the appearance of extra length on your fingers," explains celebrity manicurist Skyy Hadley

They might just not be very practical to your everyday life. If you hate breaking a nail more than anything in the world, avoid almond nails like the plague — Lin says they're way more prone to chip or snag. 

Now all you need is polish — and if you want all the likes, make it gray.