Chantecaille's Lip Veil keeps my lips from getting dry as hell.

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Chantecaille Lipstick
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The Splurge is our recurring column dedicated to expensive beauty products that are actually worth it. This week, why we're rebuying Chantecaille's Lip Veil, despite the $48 price tag. 

As a beauty editor it's part of my job to test products — and I try a lot of them. Anyone who has seen my beauty stash when they've been over to my apartment can confirm this fact. While I come across of ton of good hair, makeup, and skincare products that live up to their claims, I rarely use any of them down to the last drop, because I'm usually always on to something new. But I have made a few exceptions.

Case in point: I'm currently on my third tube of Chantecaille's Lip Veil, because, yes, it's actually that good.

Lip Veil first came into my life at an event Chantecaille held for its 2018 fall launches. Over a year has passed, but I'm still wearing Honeypot, a pink-based nude, almost every day. The other 15 available color options include everything from rich berry to warm coral — something for everyone.

If you're wondering what makes this lipstick stand out from the rest, it's the fact that the finish is buildable. One coat gives you a sheer look, while a couple adds a satin-y veil of color, like the name implies. The formula is also super nourishing thanks to sustainably-sourced baobab oil, a hydrating antioxidant that softens lips and seals in moisture. Because of this ingredient, my lips feel smooth as soon as I swipe it on, and they stay that way for the entire day.

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So, what's the catch? A solid hydrating lipstick that comes in amazing shades and actually keeps my lips smooth for hours comes with a price. Chantecaille's Lip Veil rings in at $48 a tube. That being said, many moisturizing lipsticks are like lip balms: They'll instantly make your lips soft, but the relief is only temporary — making this product totally worth it.

I, for one, definitely don't mind spending a little extra on a lipstick if it means my lips are going look soft, smooth, and plump this winter.