I Have Asian Eyelashes, and These Are the 5 Mascaras That Actually Give My Lashes Life

Such a major difference.

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I already know I don't need to ask if my Asian people out there have ever struggled with getting their lashes to look fluttery and defined. And yes, falsies and lash extensions are always an option, but sometimes, those options aren't available for all of us.

Still, why should that mean we have to surrender to our genetic destiny of having six to eight puny lashes that wilt, even after a few coats of the most popular mascaras on the market?

The good news is: we don't — at least not when I've dedicated the last 10 years to cracking the mascara matrix for those with stick-straight Asian lashes (college tuition well spent!).

Read below to discover how I did it, what my picks are, as well as hacks for getting the most voluminous natural lashes of your life.

How I Found the Perfect Formula and Brush for Asian Lashes

Most volumizing mascaras formulated in the US are on the thick and gloopy side, with very big brushes. But for Asian lashes, these types of mascaras are much too heavy.

A thick formula quickly overwhelms a very straight and short lash, and will take out any curl we've tried to achieve. Plus, a fat brush will only deliver more product with one swipe! Think about it like putting too much hair pomade into freshly styled hair — it can weigh everything down and can kind of ruin the look.

That's why I opt for mascaras with a small or medium size brush and a waterproof version for long-lasting wear, and a drier, more fibrous formula.

Ironically, all the products that made the cut were from Asian beauty brands.

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TonyMoly The Shocking Cara Extreme Lash

Best Mascaras for Asian Lashes

This lengthening mascara is full of wispy-looking fibers right out of the tube, and the stiff, short-bristled brush promises defined separation and modest product delivery per each swipe.

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Clio Kill Lash Superproof Mascara

Best Mascaras for Asian Lashes

This mascara has the tiniest brush of all the mascaras on this list, which means that it's great for definition and getting those corner lashes. The formula is a little moussier than TonyMoly's formula, so when I want a much more natural and lightweight look, I like to wipe off the excess product from the brush before applying.

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Espoir Nomudging Mascara Waterproof XP

Best Mascaras for Asian Lashes

Espoir's medium sized brush might be on the chubbier side, and I'm not going to lie, it has the heaviest formula. So I tend to approach this mascara when I'm looking for controllable volume. But I almost always wipe off the excess before going in and applying.

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Kiss Me Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara

Best Mascaras for Asian Lashes

This product is basically like Too Faced's Better Than Sex Mascara, but for Asian girls. What more can be said about its small, easy-to-control brush, and it's easily manipulated formula, which allows for better adaptability to each person's preferred mascara texture? If you don't like wet formulas, let the product thicken on the brush for half a minute before applying. And if you want more separation, go in with less product.

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Peripera Air Wing Volume Lashcara

Best Mascaras for Asian Lashes

This is probably the mascara with the biggest brush, and not my usual go-to for that reason, but the formula is fantastic. Similar to the TonyMoly mascara, it's fiber-y and fluffy right out the gate, and bulks up your lashes generously!

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Lash Hacks for Asian Eyes

Heat Your Eyelash Curler

This might be one the one tip I swear by.

Using heat to curl your stubby and straight Asian lashes is key. You could fudge these other rules a bit, but not this one. Start off by grabbing a lighter, then hold your lash curler right above the flame for about seven to eight seconds — just get that damn thing warm. Just make sure to test the warmth of it on your hand before going in.

If you don't have a lighter handy, a hair dryer also works great for this, too! Just blast your curler with high heat for maybe 10 seconds, then test on your palm. It should feel hot, but not nearly enough to hurt you or burn you.

Curl the Lashes At Multiple Angles

The shape of your eyelash curler can cause hell when it comes to getting each and every lash thoroughly curled, so my advice is to curl from multiple angles. Go in directly straight at first, curl from the base upwards in incremental steps, and then see how your lashes are looking after you've done your first curling. My outer corner lashes rarely get well-curled the first go-around, so I'll go back in (after re-applying some heat) at a slight angle. That way I can better catch all my lashes with the clamp.

Don't Apply Mascara At the Base of Your Lashes (At Least Not at First)

I don't really like the whole "apply from the roots and upwards, making sure to wiggle" credo. At least, not when I first start applying mascara. I find that it risks undoing the hard work I put into curling, especially if there's more product on that wand than I anticipated. What I prefer to do instead is apply product at the tips of my lashes and dispense where I want more of the mascara to sit and hold, before going to the roots.

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