It’s all about the literal glow up.

By Tara Gonzalez
Updated Mar 06, 2020 @ 5:15 pm
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Why does it seem like every single romantic comedy features a getting-ready montage where teenage girls somehow have access to a vanity marquee mirror? They’re always standing in front of one, looking almost suspiciously too happy while trying on an endless supply of babydoll dresses and going-out tops. But while going-out tops are always on sale at Urban Outfitters, vanity mirrors are not. They’re typically pretty expensive and are more likely to be found backstage on Broadway than in a high schooler’s bedroom.

I know this now because I am an (alleged) adult who takes great joy in getting ready. It’s almost always my favorite part of going out. Sometimes I’ll spend more time getting ready than I’ll spend at the actual party but I’m pretty sure that’s considered self care. And if it’s not, it should be. The only thing that ruins this sacred ritual of makeup application and outfit selection is lighting, which is far harder to come by these days, unfortunately.

I like to be seated to do my makeup, so much so that I made my boyfriend chip in to buy an absurdly expensive makeup vanity from Italy for our bedroom. After it arrived, it was as beautiful as I thought it would be, but didn’t have any lights. I didn’t realize it would be an issue until after it got dark and I tried to apply eyeliner.

A couple weeks later, after I reverted back to standing in my bathroom and leaning over the sink to get ready, my friend came over with her latest purchase. It was a light-up folding vanity mirror from Amazon that frankly looked a little bit ridiculous. But it worked.

It has 21 LED lights that help you glow up from all angles, panels that are magnifying, and wide-angle viewing. If you’ve ever wanted to look deep inside your soul, this may just be the only way to do it. The light-up mirror is also small enough to fit on top of your desk in your bedroom or on a tiny bathroom shelf. It makes applying makeup incredibly easy and nearly 4,000 reviews on Amazon agree. Plus, it’s compact enough to carry in your bag, if you’d like to recreate the rom-com montages of yester-year from the comfort of your friend’s apartment.

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