The Super Luxe Hand Sanitizer InStyle's Digital Beauty Editor Swears By

Byredo Hand Wash
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After seeing several of my friends out of commission and chained to their couches for weeks at a time due to this year's horrific flu, I'm slightly paranoid about germs. Apparently now I'm also superstitious because I'm typing with one hand while knocking on wood to ward off the chances of getting sick. I've made it my mission to take as many precautions as I can to stay healthy this season.

I've made it a point to revamp my diet, filling it with nutrient-rich foods that give me energy, and to actually get enough sleep at night so I'm not wearing myself thin. Clearly, I'm not messing around, so in addition to obsessively washing my hands, I've made sure my handbag is equipped with a hand sanitizer—Byredo's Hand Sanitizer in Vetyver ($30;, to be exact, because the subway, hand railings, and New York City in general are all full of surprises.

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I've never been a fan of hand sanitizer because they've further dried out my already-dry hands, or their overwhelming kitchen cleaner or fruity scents clash with my perfume. Byredo's actually smells like the brand's Vetyver fragrance, but it's not as strong as a traditional perfume. It's just the right amount to make the routine of applying it feel luxe.

That also brings me to the shape of the container. In a glossy black tube with the B-embossed screw-top, the no-rinse hand wash looks like a mini version of the brand's hand creams, and is small enough to throw in a clutch. The creamy white formula is thinner than your average hand lotion and absorbs in seconds, leaving your hands clean, smooth, and moisturized. It's also not sticky, which I've found is common with hand sanitizers.

I don't know if I can credit my precautionary measures as to why I haven't contracted the flu yet, but so far so good, and you can bet I'll keep everything up until we hit spring.

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