By Marianne Mychaskiw
Updated Oct 06, 2017 @ 1:00 pm
Halloween Makeup Tutorials 
Credit: NikkieTutorials/Youtube, Desi Perkins/Youtube

Ever get into one of those YouTube rabbit holes where you mean to view one specific video, only to end up on your 12th video of giraffes fighting as you wonder how you got there?

Because like, same.

At least during Halloween, going into a YouTube binge can at least provide inspiration for your upcoming costume. Every day we log on, a new video demonstrating exactly how to get the most detailed skeleton makeup look we've ever seen will pop up. We'll hit play, only to emerge four hours later after consuming more than a baker's dozen of Halloween makeup videos. With the event only weeks away, we put together our seven favorite makeup tutorials so far, ranging from the creepy to completely gorgeous. Keep reading to see each one now.

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The Superhero-Inspired

Fact: the amount of Wonder Woman costumes this Halloween will likely challenge the number of Pennywise costumes. Stand out from the crowd with this comic book-inspired look by NikkieTutorials.

The Glam

Princess Ariel would be proud. Blogger Rhiannon Claire's creative use of fishnet stockings results in a stunning mermaid look that's part Disney, part Rainbow Fish.

The Creepy

Pennywise, but make it fashion. This look by Glam&Gore serves as a happy medium if you want to scare all of your friends, while incorporating a handful of rhinestones into the look.

The Classic

Who knew scarecrows could rock such a mean contour? Even if you don't have friends going as Dorothy, the Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion, Sonjdradeluxe's scarecrow makeup totally works as a stand-alone costume.

The Optical Illusions

This category is a pretty close tie between melting skull created by Desi Perkins above, and CosmoByHaley's floating head effect below. The artistry put into each look almost borders on anime levels of detailing—seriously, those shadows!—and are so intricate, you can basically pair each with anything in your closet and make it a look.

The Gory

Er, you've got something in your nose... The Pencil Pierced Nose by Karolina Maria certainly isn't for the faint of heart (and probably not the best look for greeting trick-or-treaters), but the amazing skill that goes into creating it is something straight out of a Saw flick. Hollywood, hire this artist!