The 11 Best Hair Color Ideas for Blondes, According to Celeb Colorists

Time to lighten things up!

Model poses facing away from the camera while pulling their dark blonde hair behind their ear
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Sometimes we get the urge to change up our look, and there's no better way than switching up the color of our hair. If you have blonde on your mind, you have an endless kaleidoscope of shades to choose from.

Whether you want a drastic color switch, a la Nordic icy blonde, or a subtle refresh in classic honey caramel, there's a flattering hue for every shade of skin.

To find out what blonde options we have, we asked celebrity hairstylists Nikki Lee, owner of the salon Nine Zero One, and colorist at Sally Hershberger Will Francis to spill the beans on all the ways to go blonde.

Go ahead, unleash your blondest ambition.

The New Natural

Julianne Hough with natural dark blonde hair posing in a winterscape

"Most of my blonde clients are looking for something more natural and low maintenance so they can have more longevity with their hair color," says Lee. "Julianne Hough just grew out her natural dark blonde color and it's stunning on her!"

Hough proves that trading a high-maintenance hue for a more lowkey look doesn't mean sacrificing one ounce of glamour.

Rooted, Undone Blonde

Chrissy Teigan with rooted blonde hair walking outdoors
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"Natural shades that incorporate some of their natural hair colors, especially around the root, is great for those who are looking to immediately brighten up their appearance without having to commit to frequent salon visits," says Francis.

Lowlights — or your own natural, darker shade of blonde or brown — from root to mid-length let you embrace the grow-out in a deliberate, impossibly chic way.

Champagne Blush

Katy Perry poses for a picture with champagne blush hair
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On the flip side, Francis says that clients that are willing to invest a little more maintenance in their hair are ditching the natural and opting for lively and fun colors.

"Many clients have expressed a desire to add doses of unusual colors into their blonde," he says. "[But] due to color fade, it requires more maintenance to touch up the color."

Multidimensional Blonde

Ciara shows off her multidimensional blonde hair while posing for a picture
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Why choose just one blonde hue when you can give several shades a whirl?

"My favorite shade of blonde to do appears multidimensional and emits a soft shimmer when touched by the sun," says Francis. "I always take features of my client into account when mixing up their perfect blonde to ensure their skin appears radiant and their eye color is enhanced."

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Caramel Blonde

Beyonce poses on the GRAMMY Awards red carpet with caramel blonde hair
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Shades of soft, buttery caramel work wonderfully with warm skin tones to brighten your overall look.

"People with darker skin tones can most certainly go blonde," says Lee. "Skin color will determine which tone will suit them best, so people with warmer skin tones will lean towards golden blonde and cooler skin tones will lean toward more icy tones. For darker skin tones, I go with more golden and caramel hues."

Balayage Blonde

Sarah Jessica Parker poses with her balayage blonde hair at an awards ceremony
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"Balayage is a great start for someone who is looking to add some brighter blonde pops and dimension throughout their hair," says Lee. "There isn't a huge commitment level and the grow-out is nice."

To make the look super modern, go with subtle highlights evenly distributed throughout, rather than high-contrast strikes of light color, like Sarah Jessica Parker's painted wisps of bright blonde, sun-kissed honey, and lowlights, that melt together to seamlessly transition into a gradient.

Icy Platinum Blonde

Zoe Kravitz attends a TV show premiere with platinum blonde hair
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Striking, bold, and full of personality, Francis predicts icy platinum blonde will continue to be popular.

"Icy platinum and ash are great shades that border on experimental with the infusion of grey tones," he explains. "I love platinum blonde on dark skin tones as I think it creates the most stunning contrast, but for those apprehensive of going that light, mushroom blonde is a great shade that is flattering to dark skin tones while still brightening up the overall appearance."

Ash Blonde

Cara Delevingne attends fashion week with ashy, blonde hair
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Want a cooler blonde but not quite ready to go all the way, white-hot Nordic ice queen? Tone down the drama by combining a flash of darker roots that fade into a frosty, ashy color — that is simple yet high glamour with a platinum shine — to test the waters to see if the style's right for you before committing to all-over platinum.

Honey Blonde

Gigi Hadid poses on the MTV Video Awards red carpet with honey blonde hair
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Another popular blonde shade, according to Francis, is the earthier golden and honey tones. Despite being somewhat traditional requests, gold and honey shades "include many tones that have been and will continue to be highly requested as they tend to be flattering on most skin tones," he says.

According to the stylist, honey is a nearly universally flattering shade of blonde for skin tones ranging from very fair to dark, that immediately bring drama and vibrance.


Jennifer Lopez poses at the Academy Awards with brownish blonde (bronde) hair
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Nope, that's not a typo.

To infuse a range of blonde shades into the hair without a full process, go the bronde route, a la Jennifer Lopez.

"I see this request a lot with brunettes who would like to add blonde into their hair without touching their root color," says Francis. The result? A natural look that has all the brightness of a lighter blonde and the darker base allows for a graceful grow out.

"Another great option here is to add blonde only around the face, leaving the remaining hair its natural color," adds Francis. "This look can give the illusion of being blonde without having to dye the whole head."

Bold and Beautiful Blonde

Lady Gaga shows off her icy blonde hair with pops of blue on the Golden Globes red carpet
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If you want to let loose a little, add your favorite color to your blonde hair.

"I anticipate seeing an increase of pops of color — especially shades of blue and purple — woven into a blonde base to add a touch of interest without committing to a whole head of one striking shade," says Francis.

Tie-dye hair? More of this, please.

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