Talk about a permanent bond.

By Kaitlin Clark
Nov 10, 2020 @ 4:46 pm
Best Friend Tattoos: Tattoo Ideas to Get With Your BFF

There are very few relationships — if any at all — that are more meaningful, intimate, and solid as a rock that as the bond of best friends.

Near or far, good times or bad times, there’s no question that our ride-or-die will be our biggest cheerleader and a real-talk coach whenever we need it.

And for the BFFs who know their connection will stand the test of time, swapping those matching necklaces for a pair of tattoos, that are as unique and goofy as your bond, is a true celebration of love and life.

Below, check out the coolest bestie ink inspo, and get ready to show off your matching tattoos.

Comic Relief

Have a bestie who is snort-through-your-nose hysterical? And when the two of you are together, you never stop laughing? This tiny tat by Canadian artist Joanna Roman makes a big impact, reminding you of all the good times you’ve had together. Hot tip: don’t go this route if you don’t like smiling to yourself every time you see it. 

Will You Accept This Rose?

For the friend who always reminds you to live that la vie en rose life, there’s no better option than getting the graceful flower inked on you, the universal symbol of true love. Opting for a clean palette and strong, detailed outline make it lovey, but not romantic. 

Fly Away Home

“A big trend that I've been seeing lately are matching butterflies,” says Roman. “Now that can mean that they get the exact same one if they really want it to be a very serious match, but I've also seen people get different variations of the same kind of thing, maybe playing with different angles or colors, so they're cohesive but they're not identical. It gives them a little bit of individuality as well.”

Girl Power

Remind yourselves that you are boss bitches who push each other to vibe higher, even when you’re not together. This badass body art combines a feminist message draped with outlined roses to convey strength and unity in fighting the good fight. 

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Some Like It Hot!

Does your bestie dynamic run more spicy than sweet? Or did your friendship first blossom in the dorms over a shared love of hot sauce? Whatever the background story, this set of jalapeños shows off your bond’s playful, saucy side with a mini size, cartoon style outline on the ankle. “Especially for people new to the tattoo culture, an ankle is a very easy segue into the tattoo world because it’s an easier body part,” Roman says. 

Avocado Halves

Is there anything more fun or sweet than smiley-faced dancing avocado halves waving a heart to each other? No, no there is not.

Rock Out

If you’ve found your mosh pit partner for life, getting matching symbols of your favorite band, like this duo’s shared love of The 1975, is a cool way to show your mutual interests and your friendship’s artistic side.

Lyrical Love

“I really like the song lyrics,” says Roman. “I like when you cut up one line or a quote from your favorite book or from your favorite poem, something like that, and grabbing a piece of a line from each. They kind of mesh into one tattoo when they’re together, but then they also stand alone as well on their own.”

Family Ties

If your bestie squad pulls double duty as sibs or cousins, choosing a tat that honors the tie that binds you all together (in this case, it’s their grandmother) is as meaningful as it is heartfelt. 

Royal Connection

Establish your permanent royal status to one another with majestic and powerful matching crown tattoos, so you are free to live like the queens you are. To make this design — or any tattoo art — look amazing for BFFs with different skin tones, is NBD. “There’s a lot of under-representation in the tattoo industry as a whole when it comes to darker skin tattoos,” says Roman. “I don’t think that just because you have a darker skin tone, you couldn’t get that small, fine line tattoo. There’s no reason at all why you can’t. It’s just obviously going to look a little bit different, but the artist would make those alterations to make sure that what comes up on the skin tone transitions into a heal the way you want it to look.” 

Est. 2020

Soft, thin script of a specific year, whether it’s the other’s birth year, the year you first met each other or another important year for your friendship altogether, is as sweet as can be. 

Opposites Attract

Is your bestie the ying to your yang? Celebrating your different personalities, while also recognizing that together, they are a sign of harmony that just works, with an all-caps font that states exactly how you support one another says it all.