I Finally Found the Best Foundation with SPF

Marc Jacobs Foundation
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After years of bad teenage habits, I've trained myself to apply sunscreen daily. But I'm still human. Every once in a while, I'll skip the step and go straight tofoundation, only remembering when I'm almost done with my makeup. So I came up with a backup plan, which was to find a foundation with sunscreen so I always have a little protection.

This sounded simple, but it definitely wasn't. I've never been fond of most foundations with SPF because I've found them to be greasy or heavy. I like my foundation to be incredibly natural looking and basically weightless, but I still want it to even out my skin tone and hide redness. Finally, though, the search ended with Marc Jacobs Shameless Youthful-Look 24H Foundation SPF 25 ($46; sephora.com).

Marc Jacobs Foundation
Ashley Batz

It's a unique innovation because the SPF is actually encapsulated inside the pigments. The benefit of this is that when you take a photo, there's no "flashback" or white cast that shows up on your complexion when you look at the pics later.

It's also touted to have a 24-hour wear. I personally haven't worn it for a full day straight, but it stands up pretty well for the 16 consecutive hours I have.

It fits all of my requirements. The color is natural because of the fine-milled pigment. It's oil-free, so my skin doesn't feel greasy after I apply it. It falls perfectly in-between the dewy and matte genres. Finally, it doesn't leave my skin feeling dry either, thanks to an ingredient called snow mushroom that latches onto water. It's available in 29 different skin tone options. I've found perfection in Fair Y130 (my before-and-after pictures are above).

I still make it a point to apply proper SPF every single day, but on those days where my head is in the clouds and I inevitably forget, my guilt is gone.

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