By Dianna Mazzone
Updated Sep 08, 2017 @ 9:00 am
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Credit: Matteo Valle/Getty

When it comes to cat eyes, I often find myself wondering if the end really justifies the means. As in, were the frustrating 20 minutes I just spent perfecting my liner—and the countless makeup remover-soaked cotton balls and Q-tips sacrificed in the process—even worth it? Spoiler alert: Since even my most professional-level handiwork leaves my wings slightly crooked, the answer is often no.

But at last, I’ve finally found a shortcut to perfect cat eyes—and it’s not a sticker, filter, or tool. It’s a standard eyeliner, but with a twist: L’Oréal Paris Infallible Sculpt Liquid Eyeliner ($8; has a ballpoint tip.

Why, you might ask, does a spherical applicator make all the difference? It’s because the shape gives me the power to create a blueprint for my wings. I use it like a stamp, and create a dotted line where I want my liner to land. Then, I simply use a regular, fine-point liner to connect the dots. It’s kind of like a coloring book: As long as you stay inside the lines (or along the dots, in this case), you’re pretty much golden.

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That said, it’s become an indispensable tool in my kit. Like any good Readers’ Choice winner, it’s one I like to whisper to my friends about when they ask just how I got my winged eyeliner to look so sharp. But something tells me this little guy won’t stay my secret for much longer—it’s just that good.