After testing countless lip balms, our beauty editor finally found the ultimate dry lips remedy at the drugstore. 

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Currently, there are a minimum of eight different discarded lip balms on my bedside table. These were just some of the formulas that did nothing for my painfully chapped and cracked lips this winter. Every night, I'd slather the waxy, creamy, oily formulas all over my lips (I'm talking 10 swipes or more) with hopes of waking up to my long-awaited dry lips remedy. I did this for about two months and nada—until a $9 overnight lip treatment from Burt's Bees came into my life.

I started to assume the only thing that was going to stop my lips from cracking was the arrival of spring, which, if you live in New York and are experiencing freezing April temps, might not actually happen. But two days of morning and evening application of this lip treatment cured my chronic issue—and I mean that very literally. It's one of the best lip balms for dry lips I've ever come across. The flakes were smoothed. The subtle slits near the corners of my mouth were completely healed. Given that one Burt's Bees traditional lip balm tube is sold every single second around the world, I wasn't necessarily surprised that the brand came up with another game-changing lip product.

Designed to be an overnight system, the 100% natural treatment uses a mixture of oils, like jojoba seed oil, and waxes, like sunflower seed wax, to provide moisture to your lips. Because the waxes are considered occlusive ingredients, the moisture is locked in place, so it's not a temporary fix like so many ineffective lip balms are designed to be.

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The balm comes in a tiny screw-top tub, along with directions to apply generously to your lips before bed. This gives the formula plenty of time to sink into your skin while you're sleeping. While the colorless treatment is heavy duty, it doesn't necessarily feel that way on your skin. It's definitely thicker than your average lip balm, and looks super glossy when it's applied, but it doesn't feel gloppy or claustrophobic on your lips.

As for the fallen lip balms on my bedside table? If spring ever arrives, maybe, just maybe, I'll give them another shot.