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As beauty editors, we don't always get a chance to try new products when they're, well, still brand new. Sometimes the releases pile up, or we save something for a special occasion before diving in. In this new monthly column, we'll fill you in on everything we've been using — and honest-to-god loving — for the last month. They may not be the brand new releases from October 2019, but they're out now, and you should know about them.

Now that October has come to a close, we're really staring down the winter season. And seeing as we're both from Toronto (home of the 2019 NBA champs, in case you didn't know) we truly understand the toll the change in temperature can take on our skin. Below, you can find all the products that have been nourishing and protecting our skin from the elements this fall, as well as all the other goodies that helped us enjoy week-long DIY manis, rich hair color, and everything in between.

Kayla Greaves, Senior Beauty Editor

CeraVe's Healing Ointment

Once the temperature drops, dealing with my combination skin is straight up annoying. While half of my face is able to stay moisturized throughout the day, the skin around my nose always seems to start flaking. I typically use a gentle physical exfoliant in the morning to get rid of any dead skin, but as the day goes on, I love using Cerave's Healing Ointment to keep that area moisturized. What makes this particular product stand out from the rest is hyaluronic acid, an essential ingredient for hydration. Plus, it's non-comedigenic, so it never clogs my pores.

Algenist's AA Barrier Serum

This super-charged serum includes alguronic acid to protect the skin's moisture barrier, as well as ergothioneine, which is an antioxidant that works to neutralize ozone pollution. It's exactly what I need in the fall as someone who lives in a busy, polluted city.

Tiffany & Co.'s Tiffany & Love Eau de Parfum for Her

I'm not normally a perfume kinda girl, but I'll make an exception for this scent from Tiffany's. The fragrance has a light, floral scent, with subtle notes of grapefruit and neroli that reminds me of summer. It's subtle, yet will still make a statement — which is exactly what I'd expect from the iconic brand.

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Erin Lukas, Beauty Editor

Drunk Elephant's Slaai Makeup-Melting Butter Cleanser

I know I’m late to the party, but I’ve fully leaned into the double-cleansing this fall, and Drunk Elephant’s balm is the perfect follow up to micellar water. It breaks down whatever makeup is left on my face, and it doesn’t sting when I massage it around my eye area to get rid of those last bits of mascara. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and refreshed – not stripped – after rinsing it off. I just scraped the jar clean the other night and my routine has been feeling the void ever since. But full disclosure: I haven’t used the charcoal exfoliator the balm comes with, because I already use an exfoliating serum a few times a week. Someone else will have to let us know how this works as a duo!

Leonor Greyl Paris' Soin Repigmentant Nourishing Conditioner in Dark Brown

My natural hair color is light auburn brown, so naturally I want to be a dark, cool-toned brunette. I’ve been using this color-enhancing conditioner in-between color appointments to control the unwanted red tones I get as my color fades. After one use, my hair was more shiny and vibrant, and after four uses, I started to notice that my color was a little cooler. While this conditioner does alter your hair color, it’s impossible to mess up. You use it like any other conditioner, but leave it on for five minutes. Important PSA: Be careful when you slather it on – especially if you use the dark brown color like I do. I got it all over my shower curtain one time which was a bit of a mess to clean.

Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel Nail Polish

I’m a huge advocate for the DIY manicure. While I’ve tried other top coats, I always come back to Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel. My nails really do stay chip-free for a week, and whether I’ve painted them a dark or pastel shade, this keeps the color shiny and fresh.