Every Product Our Beauty Editors Couldn't Stop Using in August

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Summer is almost over, but we're making the best of the last few weeks we have left — all while preparing to hibernate come fall.

This month, we found an at-home solution for cooling down highlights, the perfect scents for our homes, as well as an underarm bar that kept our bodies smelling fresh no matter how sticky we got.

Discover everything you need to know about these all-star products and more, ahead.

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IGK Color Depositing Mask


My most recent highlights looked a little blonder and warmer than I wanted, but instead of having to go back to the salon and get it done again, I just used this color depositing mask right at home. The brown shade cools down my highlights and turns them into a natural-looking, almost ashy-brown shade that I'm obsessed with. What's more, it takes anywhere from five to 10 minutes to get the exact results I want, and it leaves my hair feeling silkier and healthier than before. — Pia Velasco, Senior Beauty Editor

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Oribe Desertland Candle


My home is my sanctuary, so it's important for me to have a sensorial experience every time I walk in after a long day — and this Oribe candle hits the stop every time. With top notes of juniper berry, fresh lavender, and sunstruck pine, along with middle notes of desert wildflowers and angelica root, I immediately feel at peace when I step through the doors. Plus, it has an incredibly long burn time, as I learned first-hand. (Don't try this at home, but I accidentally left it burning overnight — oops — and barely any wax had melted away.) Anyways, it's a great candle that will last you a while. — Kayla Greaves, Executive Beauty Editor

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JVN Complete Blowout Styling Milk

JVN Hair

With the high humidity levels in New York, styling my hair is futile. So I'm at that point in the summer where I've stopped bothering to do anything to my hair besides blow-drying it and throwing it up in a claw clip — then I tried the Blowout Styling Milk from JVN. It has a silky serum-like texture that doesn't weigh hair down, but most importantly it lives up to its claims. When I prep my hair with it and blow it out, my hair stays smooth and soft until my next wash day. — Erin Lukas, Beauty Editor

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Sol de Janeiro Bom Dia Bright Body Scrub

Sol de Janeiro

I compare the skin on my body to a croissant — each has an uneven surface, and the best way to smooth it out is to tag-team by using a physical scrub with chemical exfoliating actives. Sol de Janeiro's new scrub provides exactly that. It's packed with AHAs, BHAs, and crushed maracujá seeds to gently — yet very effectively — slough away dead skin cells, clear up clogged pores, and improve skin cell turnover. I love the scrub's texture and scent, but I love how silky smooth my body looks and feels after using it even more. — Pia

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Neostrata Triple Firming Neck Cream


Not going to lie to ya, when I first started using this cream, I wasn't really expecting anything extraordinary to happen. The skin on my neck was already pretty firm, but I did have some lines I wouldn't care to see go. After a few months of use, the strong lines in my neck have diminished dramatically, and I've only been using the cream about once a day (you're supposed to apply two times a day). So imagine if I actually followed the instructions? — Kayla

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Kaia Naturals The Underarm Bar

The Takesumi Detox

I sweat a lot when I'm running around the city. While I made the switch to natural deodorant years ago and have figured out which ones work for me, it's inevitable that I'm going to stink a little bit at the end of a 100-degree day — well, unless I've showered with this bar soap from Kaia Naturals. The charcoal and apple cider vinegar-infused bar has very specific instructions: run it in a circular motion under each arm for 30 seconds, then rinse. It works to fight the bacteria that causes odor, plus can boost the effectiveness for your deodorant. Take it from someone who knows: use it properly and you won't stink no matter how much you sweat in the heat. — Erin

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