Unforgettable Beauty Lessons We Learned (and Still Follow) from Our Moms

Photo: Kelly Chiello

Your mom might not get the way Tinder works or how to correctly incorporate "slay" into a sentence, but she was on to something when she told you to leave your eyebrows alone. Sometimes the best beauty advice doesn’t come from your product-hoarding best friend or even a makeup artist—sometimes it comes from the wise words of your mother. The InStyle staff can attest to mommy dearest knowing a thing or two about skin care, makeup, and more, so in honor of mother's day, we revealed a few of the unforgettable lessons we've learned (and still follow!) from our moms over the years.

Kelly Chiello

"My mom always taught me the importance of letting my skin breathe and giving my complexion some time completely makeup-free, whether it was for the sake of my pores overnight or during a breakout, or just being comfortable with how my skin truly looks without foundation or concealer." — Victoria Moorhouse, Digital Beauty Editor

Kelly Chiello

"My mom told me to not pull out my eyebrows and I did not listen, but wish I did." — Marianne Mychaskiw, Associate Beauty Editor

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Kelly Chiello

"My mom taught me that wearing lipstick is a sign of respect. I never show up to an important meeting without it." — Emily Shornick, Senior MultiMedia Manager

Kelly Chiello

"My mother, Nancy, is my best friend and favorite person in the world, and although we greatly differ in approaches to fashion and beauty, as I get older, I'm slowly adopting of her motto of 'less is more.' Because she has amazing skin, all she uses is a little mascara, blush, and chapstick, and she’s ready to go, which is something I'm starting to emulate." — Macey Hall, Senior Social Media Manager

Kelly Chiello

"My mom always taught me to NEVER forget your neck. AKA, you can slather on face cream 'till the cows come home, but if you don't take care of your neck, it will be a dead giveaway for how old you really are. So, I try to always remember that when I'm washing my face at night." — Kim Peiffer, Executive Editor

Kelly Chiello

"My mom used to hide the tweezers from me and my sister so we wouldn't overpluck our eyebrows, even when thin was in. Also, she had one major beauty rule: 'Blue eyeshadow is ONLY acceptable at dance recitals!'" — Rachel Crocetti, Digital Producer

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