Supermodels Love This Anti-Aging Serum With 7,861 Five Star Reviews, and It's $30 Off at Nordstrom

Nordstrom Reviewers Say This Anti-Aging Serum Works in Days — and It's $30 Off

It's no wonder 22 bottles sell every minute.
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New beauty products drop like leaves every day. Some bring glamorous, super effective new formulas to our medicine cabinets, but it's a truly special serum that doesn't just earn a place in supermodels' skincare routines, but continues to add new fans to its count of longtime devotees as the years pass. Such is the case with Estée Lauder's Jumbo Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Multi-Recovery Complex Serum, a product with no less than 7,862 five-star reviews on and a ringing endorsement from model Joan Smalls. 

Patience is a virtue, yada yada, but thankfully not necessary in this case. Reviewers write that their skin feels tighter after just one or two uses, even when they didn't expect results yet. "I have to say, I was originally skeptical. The greatest selling point of this product is that it gives you immediate and long results. But as a skin junkie I know that it generally takes some time for a product to really show results," one reviewer writes. "BOY WAS I WRONG! Night one I applied it, and I woke up with refreshed and supple skin. I was shocked. As I continued to use it it just kept getting better! I would 100 percent recommend this product!"

Others second (and third, and fourth) the thought, saying that they saw hydrating and plumping effects after a single week of use — the Smalls effect, if you will. "My skin felt incredibly smooth, and the light fine lines that I have on my forehead were reduced after use," Bridget from Pearl River, NY commented on Likewise, Nel in Washington notes that after a week, her skin was "dramatically firmer." 

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Shop now: $170 (Originally $200);

The serum relies on proprietary technology to deliver the brightening, hydrating, and tightening action, via a complex dubbed Chronolux Power Signal Technology. Examining the rest of the ingredient list gives more insight: There's three flower and seed extracts for moisture, plus hyaluronic acid, glycerin, jojoba oil, and squalane. Per a 2009 Estee Lauder patent, the included lactobacillus ferment is a DNA repair enzyme, which works in tandem with caffeine and a tripeptide on the anti-aging front. At the same time, probiotic bifida ferment lysate strengthens your skin barrier for fewer pimples and better moisture retention. 

That cocktail means fast results that make for lifelong fans. Referred to affectionately as ANR, one reviewer mentions that after seeing the success her mom found with the serum, she picked it up to minimize fine lines especially around her eyes and forehead. Skin conditions like keratosis pilaris can limit which products people can use, but one reviewer with KP wrote that the serum tackled some scars left behind like a spaceship in overdrive.  

"One small dark spot I've had on my cheekbone for maybe five to six years has DRAMATICALLY gotten lighter. I believe continued use of this product may make it disappear altogether," she wrote. "Any time using this with a blemish has resulted in that blemish healing and zero scarring." 

All that goodness is discounted: The normal-sized ANR will usually run you $105 for 1.7 ounces, but Nordstrom has it on sale now for 15 percent off at $89. Investing in the jumbo size is the smarter move, with the 3.9 ounce yours for $30 off its regular $200 price. (Whipping out my skincare calculator, the normal version comes to $61.76 per ounce, while the larger is $43.59 per ounce.) The last time I ordered something jumbo it was an order of fries, but I can now add another thing to that short list.