Amazon Cyber Monday Sale

40,000 People's Go-To Foundation Is Only $7 Right Now

A small army of beauty lovers can’t be wrong.
By Rachel Nussbaum
Nov 30, 2020 @ 6:00 pm
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For how popular it is, you'd think Amazon would have a state-of-the-art navigation system for its sale events. Take a look at Sephora's sale section, where you can narrow down your search by product type, brand, price, and concern, and basically know what you want to buy within five minutes. That's not the case for Amazon's Cyber Monday beauty sales - rather, it serves you a lump category of "beauty" that includes 31 pages of deals, and lets you take it from there.

We'd never complain about too many products on sale (hubris), but it admittedly can feel a little overwhelming. With that in mind, we browsed page by page and pulled out the best beauty products that are legitimately worth spending the last of your Cyber Week budget on. Some highlights? There's Garnier's workhorse cleansing water, which has over 10,000 reviews saying you'll never stress over a botched cat eye again (not that you would, if you pick up the $8 waterproof liquid liner that over 17,000 people swear by). Top that with the drugstore mascara hundreds of people call "the best ever," and you're looking at an incredible, crowd-sourced makeup routine. 

In the skin realm, one discounted retinol cream from an under-the-radar Amazon brand counts over 12,000 fans of its dramatically skin-clearing power, while reviewers call Revlon's Oil-Absorbing Volcanic Face Roller "pure magic" for clearing up oily skin in seconds. Shoppers thrilled to find it in stock mentioned hunting down the product for weeks after a bout of TikTok attention. For that sweet deal,alongside Chrissy Teigen's favorite exfoliating skincare tool, we'll power through pages of Amazon deals to take advantage of major savings on the Internet's most-loved beauty products.   

Shop the 85 best Amazon Cyber Monday beauty deals, below. 

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