Bella Hadid
Credit: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

At this point Bella Thorne's affinity to body art is well known. Actually, make that body and eyebrow art. The actress has done an excellent job documenting her tats on social media (for which we are forever grateful), and it looks like she is nowhere near done.

In fact, Thorne just added two more tattoos to her growing collection, and we have to say we were definitely surprised with the new ink, but mostly where she got 'em placed.

Bella posted a single photo on Snapchat of the new ink that appears to say "Wild Kitty" tattooed on the lower back part of her legs—a word per leg, that is. You'll have to flip the photo upside down to really get a good read.

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Credit: Snapchat

Those of you following Bella on Snapchat know how much she loves her cats, so it's not surprising that she added another feline-themed tat. She already has cat whiskers gracing the side of her index finger. Hey, if you're gonna get something permanently placed on your bod, it might as well be something you're passionate about, though we don't know the confirmed meaning of Bella's new ink.

But Bella isn't the only one sharing her tats with the Internet. Earlier today, Sofia Richie revealed that she had her last name tattooed behind her ear, which is the third delicate and tiny design she's had completed by Jon Boy.

At this point in time, we feel like the phrase "another day, another celebrity tattoo" is a legit thing and not just something we randomly made up.