Shoppers See a "Dramatic Improvement" in Their Nails and Cuticles With This $8 Treatment

Warehouse workers, healthcare providers, and 88-year-olds love it.

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Shoppers See a "Dramatic Improvement" in Their Nails and Cuticles With This $8 Treatment
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It's always fun to unearth new Amazon finds from lesser-known brands, especially when the price is a hefty chunk off. So it goes for Bee Naturals' Nail and Cuticle Oil, a now-$8 nail treatment that has over 2,600 Amazon reviewers impressed — even people in professions that do a number on users' hands and nails.

Its formula sounds simple but smart: seven plant oils, three essential oils, and vitamin E. For the former, the brand called on olive, avocado, rice bran, castor, grapeseed, apricot, and sunflower oil; for the latter, tea tree, lemon, and lavender essential oil. The compilation makes sore nail cuticles feel better "immediately," according to a shopper who used it after a manicure gone wrong. Repeated use left their nails feeling stronger and their skin looking "fantastic" — something other fans confirmed.

As one person with formerly damaged cuticles wrote, the vial got them through a windy winter in the warehouse where they work, and a self-described healthcare provider was just as pleased. "Dramatic improvement," they wrote of the effect in a few uses on their "notoriously dry" hands and cuticles. And per an 88-year-old, it made their nails "look young again" and split less.

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Shop now: $8 (Originally $15);

Others seconded the "noticeable improvement" they saw in their nails thanks to the oil, which comes with a brush inside the cap to apply. "My nails are less brittle [and] no longer peeling," added a customer of their "significantly stronger" results. Perhaps most importantly, fans highlighted that the oil absorbs quickly into their skin, so they're not left with greasy fingers.

As ever, though, the best comments come from nail ladies. "About a month after using it, the woman who does my nails said that they were so much stronger and healthier," a last devotee wrote. "I'm totally sold." If you're trying to get a hand on brittle nails or "neglected pandemic" toenails, Bee Naturals' Nail and Cuticle Oil is currently $8 at Amazon.

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