Becky G's Treslucé Just Entered a New Chapter

Her Latinx heritage inspires everything she does.

Becky G's Newest Act Can Be Found at Ulta
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When pop singer Becky G launched her makeup brand, Treslucé, during the pandemic, it was a direct-to-consumer online brand. And while it has done very well, Becky's vision for it always included an in-person aspect.

Now, her dreams for the brand are reality as Treslucé has officially launched at Ulta.

"It's so crazy it's finally happening — I don't think it's fully settled in," she tells InStyle over Zoom. "For someone to be able to interact with your products, to see them in person before purchasing them, to be able to see the quality, the shimmer and color pay-off — it's so important."

Treslucé launched in 2021 at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. And while many celebrity beauty brands exist, Becky's is all about celebrating her Mexican heritage and the Latinx community — and that love is central to all Treslucé's launches. To her, it's about celebrating and uplifting the Latinx community: "I think that's something that the beauty space as a whole has missed the mark on for many decades."

Representation of the varying Latinx communities (there are 33 countries in the Latinx diaspora) is also a theme that comes up during our conversation when speaking about celebrity beauty brands and Treslucé's mission. "I don't want to be the only face of Latinas in the beauty space," she says. "It's about we, not me. That representation is something that we as a community deserve, and we have to work together to accomplish it."

It's that same love for her community that inspires her music and her new Facebook Watch series, Face to Face with Becky G. She says that the goal of the talk show, which launched in November 2021, was to have unfiltered conversations with fellow Latinx celebrities. To her, it's about reaching the person behind their resumé and discovering who they are to themselves.

"Demi [Lovato] was my first episode, and they were so open and honest — I appreciated that so much from them because you expose yourself by putting yourself out on a platform," Becky recalls. "Rome Flynn, who's killing the game right now, got his start in the acting space and, at one point, was living with his family in their car."

"I think the common thread was, 'who are you to yourself?' And how do we turn our pain into purpose?" she says. "A lot of us who come from minority communities have turned our pain into very beautiful things."

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To continue spotlighting the Latinx community, she teams up with like-minded people with a similar heritage — and not always in obvious ways. When she launched her recent single, "MAMIII," in collaboration with KAROL G, Becky shares that KAROL wore Treslucé makeup for the cover art. "The collaboration of that is so beautiful — it's beyond music when it comes to my creativity, and makeup is one of my favorite forms of self-expression."

And while some may assume that celebrities are simply the faces of their brands, Becky wants people to know how involved she is with the development process. "I'm annoyingly involved," she tells us. "I've actually said "no" to certain products because quality is so important to me. Finding that happy place where nothing gets sacrificed is really hard to accomplish, but we're committed to being as green and clean as possible, and impactful with our colors."

When talking about Treslucé's Ulta launch, she shares that they'll be entering the retailer with existing products and launching a few new ones. "I know I shouldn't have favorites, but so far, the La Flor De México palette is probably one of the most special," she shares, adding that she collaborates with Latinx artists for all Treslucé's artwork. "It's inspired by Mexico — it has the national flower, national bird, and the agave. It's just hypnotic and gorgeous — I'm wearing it right now!"

becky g treslucé flor de mexico palette

To shop: $30,

At 25 years old, Becky has enough accomplishments to last a lifetime, and she doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon. "I'm realizing more and more just how important representation is for me, so even stepping into being a talk show host [on Facebook] was a huge responsibility — I was an executive producer on the show — so maybe more stuff on the producing side," she says. "Definitely more stuff on the acting side, but right now, Treslucé is by far one of my biggest priorities."

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