This Supplement Promises Better Skin When You're on Your Period—So We Tried It

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Navigating the changes in my complexion around the time my period is scheduled to start is pretty tricky territory. The week before, my skin breaks out and I turn into a total pill in terms of attitude. During my period, my skin is surprisingly clear, but after my cycle, I break out again and somehow look like I'm running on barely an hour of sleep. This, of course, is due to fluctuating hormone levels, and I thought the only way I could really deal with it was by somehow finding the correct serum and spot treatment combo from the products I've hoarded in my bathroom cabinet. According to the BeautyMe team, it's more of an inside-out solution.

Formulated by Dr. Michelle Yagoda, BeautyMe is a supplement rich in collagen, biotin, and hyaluronic acid among many other skin-friendly ingredients, designed to keep your skin hydrated and glowy throughout your period and beyond, hormones be damned. For five days, you should mix a scoop in with the morning beverage of your choosing, starting with the first day of your cycle. It has a subtle vanilla flavor, so it's easy to mix in with smoothies, if that's your thing. I resorted to mixing it with my morning coffee, which made it slightly less depressing with the additional flavor, and knowing it was possibly doing something for my face.


According to Dr. Yagoda, the falling estrogen levels on the fifth day of your period are what cause your skin to look dull and tired, so the mix of collagen and peptides used in the BeautyMe formula are meant to counteract that. Ingesting the ingredients as opposed to applying them topically allows them to have an effect at a deeper level, as the press info claims. It's also gluten-free, if that's important to you.

Each morning, I'd dump a spoonful into my coffee, mix well, and drink the entire cup as I waited for my skin to change. Of course, it's not anything that happens overnight, I know that. I finished the five days, and although my skin doesn't look entirely different from the beginning of my cycle, maybe that's the point—or anyway, I don't look as tired as I typically do toward those last few days. My breakouts remained more or less the same, though this one dry spot seemed to disappear. I'm not sure if that's the work of the supplement or my night serum, but I'll take it.

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Find the BeautyMe supplement at priced at $20 for a jar, or enroll in the brand's subscription service for $16 to get a jar delivered to you every month.

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